Elton John reveals he wet his diaper in front of fans while performing live during 2017 Las Vegas gig

The 72-year old music legend said he urinated in his diaper as he was performing two weeks after surgery and the audience had no idea about it.

                            Elton John reveals he wet his diaper in front of fans while performing live during 2017 Las Vegas gig
Elton John (Source : Getty Images)

Elton John is a man with stories up his alley at every turn. The musical legend was recently in the news for an incident that happened about two years ago in Las Vegas. In a recent exclusive interview, “Elton John: Uncensored”, with Graham Norton, he disclosed about what happened during his live performance in Las Vegas in 2017.

In a segment of the hour-long interview with the leading Irish television personality, the 72-year old musician declared that he urinated in his diaper and the audience had no idea about it. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017 and had surgery that year and he was performing just two weeks after he started recovering. The surgery had impacted his bladder control for which he had to resort to adult diapers.

He chose the surgery instead of undergoing chemotherapy, much like most people do these days. The surgery was successful and helped in his cancer remission. But unfortunately, an infection that followed the procedure almost “killed him”, as he mentioned in his memoir, “Me”. This affected his bladder control, and perhaps the excitement and long hours of the live event made him urinate, although in his diapers. Though no one could know at that time, Elton revealed it in the exclusive without any hesitation.

From such trivia about himself, he went on to also explain his decision of wearing a toupee, according to a report on NY Post. “I don’t like being bald. I look like Shrek,” as the musical icon explained. “I’m like the bionic woman”, he added, considering he is surviving without tonsils, prostate, appendix, or even hair. The critics, however, are divided in opinions on such candidness of a man of his status. They feel that despite such outrageous information and trivia about himself, Elton is still not so upfront and holds his guard up, as he has always done.

The exclusive interview in question came to light only a few months post the release of his musical biopic 'Rocketman' where Taron Egerton played the role of John. Reports also suggest that Egerton will read John’s audiobook memoir as a tribute to one of the biggest living musical icon of our times.

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