Watch: Elizabeth Hurley goes topless while on vacation in Greece, sets social media on fire

Clad in nothing but a simple white bikini bottom, Elizabeth Hurley covers her breasts with her arms as she jumps out of the water in the video

                            Watch: Elizabeth Hurley goes topless while on vacation in Greece, sets social media on fire
Elizabeth Hurley (Source:Getty Images)

Elizabeth Hurley is no stranger to flaunting her toned, svelte frame in swimwear and, this time, she definitely has taken things a notch higher. She might be 53, but the English model and 'Austin Powers' actress is rocking the beachwear look better than most women half her age, and just went topless.

Hurley exhibited herself in all her topless glory via an Instagram video posted on Wednesday where she can be seen splashing around the pool while on an exquisite vacation in Greece. Clad in nothing but a simple white bikini bottom, she then does a very teasing routine of jumping out of the water with her arms crossed in front of her. Always the classy lady!


"Attempting to swim off the calories," she wrote in the caption alongside hashtags "#holiday" and "#greece". The video comes as a clear indication that Hurley knows how to make the perfect concoction of fitness routine mixed with oodles of fun.

And her Instagram followers didn't seem to disagree at all as they chimed in with their comments, cheering on the actress, saying words like "53!! This gorgeous creature is 53!!!” and “Goals!!!!” Another one wrote: “You look amazing. Still improving with age. Remarkable.” Another wrote: "Is that the best insta vid ever?" 


Hurley also tagged her beachwear company on the post, aka the Elizabeth Hurley Beach company, which could also mean she was flaunting something from her collection.Worry not, they do not specialize in just bikini bottoms, as is clear from the countless other Instagram posts where Hurley flaunts both her body and her swimwear collection.

Certain experts have also pointed out that Hurley's breaststrokes (no pun intended, seriously!) — no matter how lightheartedly posted by her — are damaging by promoting exercise to just help people lose their calories.


Speaking to The Independent, Hilary Rowland, co-founder of the boutique spinning studio, Boom Cycle, revealed: "Exercise is about so much more than how many calories it burns and how depressing to only think about it in that way. Exercise promotes better sleep and higher energy as well. I am happy to say I honestly exercise for how it makes me feel. It's all about cutting loose and getting that wonderful release and re-set."

Elaborating on how exercise shouldn't be seen as a 'repentance for consuming food,' anti-dieting advocate Alice Dalrymple, 27, told the publication: "Movement shouldn't be seen as a means to eat or a way of ‘making up’ for eating, it should be done when we genuinely want to and because it feels good. All bodies are worthy of love and we should be teaching women to appreciate their bodies as they are right now and not encouraging the need to change them.”