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'Elite' Season 3 promises to raise the stakes as another student is murdered, but does justice follow?

The stakes are higher as the trailer forecasts another death -- that of Marina's killer, Polo. Is justice served or is there more behind this death?
UPDATED MAR 20, 2020

'Elite' has been a global sensation ever since the first season of the Spanish drama debuted on Netflix in 2018. Exploring issues like teenage sexuality, HIV, and so forth, 'Elite' is not your standard teen drama.

The first season featured the mystery behind the murder of Marina Osuna, the romantic interest of both brothers, Nano and Samuel Domínguez. While Samuel was Marina's classmate and an all-round good guy, it is Nano that Marina veered towards, which brings forth the events that follow.

The second season featured a missing student which was revealed to be Samuel, a tactic he cooked up with Marina's brother, Guzman, to get the real killer to come forward. Carla Caleruega does so when she fears the worst has happened to Samuel.

The third season pretty much continues with that, although the stakes are higher and as we see from the trailer, there is another death. At this point, everyone knows that it was Polo Benavent behind Marina's death, however, he could very well get away with it since the murder weapon is still missing (thanks to his new girlfriend Cayetana Pando). Based on the final moments from Season 3, it looks like Polo will be falling to his death.

The new season promises to be just as intense as the previous seasons. While Samuel and Guzman try to get Polo's conviction at any cost, their romantic lives suffer as do their other friendships.

With new students Yeray and Malick, the drama is set to intensify. Malick is set to upset the fans who ship Guzman and Nadia. Nadia's relationship with Guzman is presumably strained after the leak of their sex tape by Guzman's ex, Lu Hendrich. 

The trailer also shows Rebe Ávalos kissing Samuel. The character who was introduced in Season 2 quickly fell for Samuel, unfortunately, the latter only had eyes for Carla who seems to be moving on with Yeray.

Season 3 promises more of the drama and mystery the first two seasons have offered and the Spanish show looks to set the bar higher than ever.

All episodes of 'Elite' Season 3 will be released on Netflix on March 13.