'Elephant' Preview: Jumbos take 1,600km journey across Kalahari as they face predators and resource shortages

The incredible elephant family migrates 1,000 miles through the Kalahari desert

                            'Elephant' Preview: Jumbos take 1,600km journey across Kalahari as they face predators and resource shortages
(Disney Plus)

'Elephant,' Disneynature's new documentary follows an incredible family of elephants as they embark on a long migration journey. The nature and animal-themed film follow Shani and her son, Jomo, along with their herd as they make a 1,600-kilometre journey through the Kalahari Desert in Botswana. Leading the herd is Gaia, Shani's sister — Shani is next in line to be herd matriarch.

You will get to witness their incredible journey as they face predators and resource shortages trying to complete a migration that their ancestors have done for years. The documentary is also set to raise money for the charity named 'Elephants without Borders' through Disneynature and the Disney Conservation Fund. 'Elephants without Borders' helps conserve wildlife and natural resources proudly boasting the African elephant as the organization’s ambassador.

Guess who's back in business as part of this highly heartwarming project involving nature's gentle giants? Meghan Markle will be narrating the upcoming documentary.

This would mark the former 'Suits' star's first job since she and her husband Prince Harry announced that they would be stepping down from royal duties to gain financial independence. Markle recorded her voiceover for the documentary in 2019 before the royal couple left for their Christmas break in Canada at the end of last year.

Meghan, 38, became well-known for her role as Rachel Zane in the series 'Suits' and retired from the industry in 2017 after her engagement to Prince Harry.


Disney Plus's official synopsis reads: "A family of African elephants makes the epic journey of their ancestors. Disneynature's 'Elephant' follows Shani, an African elephant with her son Jomo, as their herd makes their way across the Kalahari Desert, from the Okavango delta to the Zambezi river."

'Elephant' was released as part of a "series of animal and nature-themed features released to mark Earth Month." If you've watched other Disneynature creations such as 'Nature Penguins' (2019), 'Nature Chimpanzee' (2012), or 'African Cats' (2011) among many others, then you know 'Elephant' will be quite a treat. 

The feature film 'Elephant' is available to stream on Disney Plus as of April 3, 2020.

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