'Elephant': Meghan Markle's voiceover work impresses fans who think it is 'playful and adorable'

Talking about the jumbos and their playful selves requires a little bit of voice play and Meghan's musical giggles were definitely a joy

                            'Elephant': Meghan Markle's voiceover work impresses fans who think it is 'playful and adorable'
(Getty Images, Disney Plus)

'Elephant,' Disneynature's new documentary premiered on April 3, and we finally get to see the jumbos embark on a 1,600-km migration journey across the Kalahari desert in Botswana.

The adorable narrative follows Shani and her son, Jomo, as Gaia, Shani's sister, leads her herd through years of wisdom and experience in search of sustenance. The documentary is set to raise money for the charity named 'Elephants Without Borders' through Disneynature and the Disney Conservation Fund. Narrating their epic journey was Meghan Markle and fans thoroughly enjoyed her delivery!

"Meghan’s excited voice is so playful/adorable. I can only imagine how Archie gets when he hears his mama #ElephantOnDisneyPlus," said a fan.

"I swear there are points in #ElephantOnDisneyPlus where it feels like Meghan is talking to Archie and not just reading a script. So cute," tweeted another fan.

Talking about these beasts and their playful selves, especially one-year-old Jomo, requires a little bit of voice play, and Meghan's musical giggles were definitely a joy.

"I’m learning so much about elephants while listening to Meghan Markle’s angelic voice.  #ElephantOnDisneyPlus," tweeted a fan.

While it tells a great story and we see so much of the animal world, it's amazing to see that so many tuned in to a story that could have been lost in years to come. Hopefully, Markle's voiceover could reach more so that these epic beasts can have their stories told.

"I'm Only 5 minutes in and I love it Meghan is doing amazing on this narration. Also, the elephants are so adorable  #ElephantOnDisneyPlus," tweeted a fan.

Some fans were so impressed that they hoped Markle would embark on more voiceover journeys with one fan tweeting, "#DisneyPlus watching #ElephantOnDisneyPlus. Meghan has such an engaging voice and she should do audio books." 

"I sincerely hope Meghan does more of these; her voice is so soothing. Archie is so lucky. Just imagine story time with his parents. EWB will be able to build on their work because of the proceeds from this. Win win for all involved in the production. #ElephantOnDisneyPlus," tweeted another supportive fan. Who knows, maybe Markle might take up this bright idea?

The documentary follows the drudgery of a journey of the last elephants who still continue epic migrations in search of water, and honestly, it's just plain sweet. "Sussex Squad I am just a few minutes into watching Elephant. It is available. You can watch it whatever time it suits you. Already I am in awe. The images, Meghan's voice, the soundtrack. Wow just wow. @disneyplus #ElephantOnDisneyPlus," tweeted a fan. 

Don't miss it! 'Elephant' is now available to stream on Disney Plus.

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