Elderly man survived on Coca-Cola for five days after falling at home before alert mailperson rescued him

Jared Agnew, a neighbor, said an "ever-so-alert" mail carrier who goes by the call name “E” was the first to notice something amiss

                            Elderly man survived on Coca-Cola for five days after falling at home before alert mailperson rescued him

An elderly resident from Arlington’s Williamsburg neighborhood was recently rescued by a genuinely kind mail carrier who gathered neighbors and first responders after finding the person in a rather bad state. The old man had fallen in his home and was unable to get up for five days until the mail carrier noticed. In that time, the man had survived on just Coca-Cola that was within his arms reach, reported ARL Now.

One of the neighbors, Jared Agnew, told the outlet that a mail carrier who goes by the name “E” was the first person to ever take notice about something amiss on August 2, on the 3000 Block of N. Trinidad Street. “She asked if anybody had seen [the resident],” Agnew told the outlet, adding: “His door had been open for a couple of days and E noticed that the mail hadn’t been moved.” Agnew also mentioned that it was after the ever-so-attentive E had asked around about the old man that one of the neighbors proceeded to inform the police. They were quickly able to find the old man lying on the floor and called for paramedics who took him to a local hospital.

According to the statement released by the Arlington County Police Department, "At approximately 12:45 p.m. on August 2, police were dispatched to the report of suspicious circumstances after a neighbor observed the door to a residence left open and mail piling up. Upon arrival, officers located an adult male in need of medical assistance inside the residence. The male was transported to an area hospital by Arlington County Fire Department medics. Residents are most well-acquainted with what may be uncommon or unusual in their neighborhoods and communities. Suspicious circumstances can be reported for police investigation by calling the Emergency Communications Center at 703-558-2222."

Agnew told the outlet that he was informed by the police about the incidents that caused the elderly man to end up in such a dire state. He had allegedly fallen on July 29 and, unable to get up, had survived by drinking coke which was on the floor nearby. Captain Ben O’Bryant, a spokesman for the Fire Department, also told the outlet that the man was in a relatively better condition when he was taken to the Virginia Hospital Center. ARLnow reported that even though the man wasn't at his home when they visited, a bottle was spotted on the ground, inside his house.

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