Eight pet dogs die after eating poisoned meat that was deliberately scattered around popular park

The sick and heinous crime has left the authorities perplexed and pet owners are worried if more such acts would ensue in other places  

                            Eight pet dogs die after eating poisoned meat that was deliberately scattered around popular park

In a monstrous act, eight dogs were killed after being deliberately poisoned at one of the most popular parks in Brisbane, Australia. The city's Waterfront Park has become a horrifying site after a suspected baiting bout managed to take the lives of animals in the area.

Poisoned meat spread around the park in chunks was eaten up by the pets. The heinous act by the culprit has also left concerned locals and animal shelters desperate to find out who the sick individual(s) happen to be. 

Berlin, the beagle cross who was a victim of the heinous baiting. (Facebook)

One of the victims of the vile act was a beagle cross called Berlin who was Teresa Griffo's 'best friend.' Griffo, who is reportedly distraught over the loss of her close comfort, told the Courier-Mail, "I just don’t want anyone else to go through this, it’s awful." Berlin was playing in the same park on August 8  and just eight hours from then had to be put down after suffering from several harrowing symptoms. Griffo shared that vets told her Berlin had quite possibly ingested something that had caused her health to deteriorate so drastically. i

Soon a photo of small pieces of meat that were scattered throughout the park appeared online. The meat is slightly darker in color and according to experts, it was laced with poison and put in the park.

The poisoned meat that took the lives of eight dogs. (Facebook)

Kiody, Kellie Jones' chihuahua cross corgi, was another of the eight casualties. Kiody suffered from paralysis and organ failure after playing in the park, say reports. An Instagram page called dogs.of.new.farm, posted a tribute to Kiody, while also warning other pet owners from taking their furry babies to the park. "Kiody's humans did everything they could to save her life and no expense was spared. Unfortunately, nothing further could be done for her", the post said.

Kiody, Kellie Jones' chihuahua cross corgi, was one of the eight casualties. (Facebook)

They added: "It's a truly devastating thing to post about, and we wish we didn't have to pass on this warning to others with dogs. However, we feel obliged to inform you all that this has happened and urge you to please be careful when taking your fur babies for walks in the area. Don't let them eat anything off the ground, as there are soulless individuals out there who wish to do your dogs harm."

As of now, the Brisbane City Council and the police have been notified of the incident. They are actively looking for any leads regarding whoever is behind this tragic baiting.

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