Who is Eduardo Morales? Georgia man, 34, opens fire and rams truck into bar for kicking him out

A patron kicked out of South Bar & Grill in Hiram returned with a gun and shot up the place and then crashed his truck into the business injuring many

                            Who is Eduardo Morales? Georgia man, 34, opens fire and rams truck into bar for kicking him out
Eduardo Morales rammed his black truck into Hiram's bar in Georgia (Youtube/WSB-TV/Hiram Police Department)

HIRAM, GEORGIA: Several people were injured after a driver rammed his truck into a Hiram restaurant while firing a gun, police said. Eduardo Morales, 34, was arrested after a group of restaurant clients detained him while he was trying to reload the gun, the Hiram Police Department said in a statement. Morales started shooting at the restaurant through the window of his truck, police said. “When his weapon was empty, Morales then drove the vehicle into the bar through the front doors striking numerous patrons,” police said. One person was touched by a bullet during the incident and another was hit twice by the vehicle. The number of people who were injured is not clear.

Reports reveal that a concert was taking place at the 278 South Bar & Grill when Morales rammed his truck through the front entrance, the owner of the business said. Hiram police learned that Morales had been asked to leave the bar earlier in the night because he was drunk, the agency said. He left the restaurant but came back in his black Dodge Ram 2500.


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We have reported similar cases in the past. Last month, Shawn Chock was arrested for ramming his truck into cyclists at an Arizona race where he injured seven people. We have also reported the death of three family members of a New Jersey family who were killed after a drunk driver rammed his pickup truck into their SUV. Recently in June, a man rammed his car into protesters killing one at Winston Smith shooting site. In May, there was a deadly shooting at El Mula banquet hall in Miami-Dade, Florida where gunmen reportedly fired "indiscriminately" into the crowd of attendees, who were at a release party for a local rap artist.




Morales stopped the truck after hitting the restaurant bar and tried reverse from the establishment but it got stuck. While the vehicle was stuck, Morales attempted to reload his gun but was dragged from the truck and detained by the patrons of the bar until the police arrived. Morales suffered minor injuries while being detained, officials said. He was admitted to Paulding Wellstar Hospital before being transported to the Paulding County Jail, officials said.

Preliminary investigation revealed Morales left his consulate card at the bar, which was issued by the Mexican government. The card showed a Woodstock, Georgia address along with his identification.

Hiram police are now requesting witnesses who might have information on the incident to contact their department. “Some patrons fled the bar before the arrival of the police and we would encourage them to please get in touch with Lieutenant Michael Wilson, Hiram Police, at 770-943-3807,” the police department said.