EDP445: What were the serious allegations that shut down ex-YouTuber’s channel?

EDP445: What were the serious allegations that shut down ex-YouTuber’s channel?
EDP445 was accused of sending inappropriate texts to underage teenagers (Jennifer Gordon/ YouTube)

Although some people on platforms like YouTube become famous because of their knowledge or enthusiasm about specific subjects, others do so by bringing their entire self to their channels. EDP445, whose real name is Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland, was one of the latter. While Moreland's channel has been removed by YouTube, many are curious to know why that happened.

EDP445, an abbreviation for "eat dat p***y," is a 32-year-old YouTuber who had over two million subscribers on his channel. He rose to prominence as a raucous Philadelphia Eagles fan who primarily posts vlogs, mukbangs and screams at the camera.


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What are the allegations against EDP445?

Moreland was accused of having explicit conversations with underage girls. Several texts surfaced in which he allegedly texted 15 and 16-year-old teenaged girls, soliciting them for sex. In one of the videos posted, he claimed that the messages were pranks.


However, the allegations did not go away and other YouTubers began to investigate Moreland, who constantly denied the accusations, stating that he had been catfished. Alex Rosen's channel 'Chet Goldstein' investigated the matter. Rosen's channel is known for "sting operations," such as setting up online meetings with men who appear to be conversing with young girls.



Alex Rosen's operation against EDP445

Rosen released the purported chat records between Moreland and a phony teenager Sophie. Rosen claimed he created several bogus Instagram accounts, including one of a 13-year-old girl, and messaged Moreland on his verified account. Alexandra, Rosen's friend, read through communications between Moreland and the bogus account, which included intimate videos and images, Insider reported.

Later, Rosen posted an hour-long video challenging Moreland. Rosen and YouTuber CC Unit, who goes by Ghost and is known for executing conducting pedophile sting operations in California on YouTube, approached Moreland with photographs of the alleged texts.


In the texts, Moreland stated that he fantasizes about women "under the age of 16" and had spoken to six other girls in the past. He further stated that the screenshots were taken from his messages. Rosen's video has has garnered over 1.9 million views.

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 EDP445: What were the serious allegations that shut down ex-YouTuber’s channel?