Netflix 'Eden' Ending Explained: Can Sara Grace save mankind? Epic robot fight will keep you on the edge

From an epic robot fight to saving all of humanity, Netflix's 'Eden' definitely has a story that will keep you engaged throughout!

                            Netflix 'Eden' Ending Explained: Can Sara Grace save mankind? Epic robot fight will keep you on the edge
E92, Sara Grace and A37, as seen in the anime, 'Eden.' (Netflix)

If you're looking for a story that is big on feelings, then 'Eden' should most certainly be on your watch list. The story follows that of a young girl, found by two robots in a world where humans are assumed to have been so long gone, that they're nothing more than a myth, Even engaging in talk about human is a punishable offense for robots, one that results in reprogramming of their entire system.

A37 and E92 find a baby girl named Sara Grace, they do the unthinkable -- raise her absolute secrecy. But as it turns out, Sara is not the only human alive. However, her life is now on the line, seeing that she is being targeted in order to be eradicated. She now has to not only save her own life, but the entire fate of humanity rests on her shoulders.


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The story of 'Eden' begins when two robots, A37 and E92, are apple-picking in what appears to be a world that is void of humans. As the robots go about their day systematically, collecting apples and fresh produce to convert biomass into energy, A37 happens to come across what looks like a muddy, old pod. On further investigating, A37 and E92 end up unlocking the pod, revealing a baby girl inside.

On examination, they find out that her name is Sara Grace. The two are startled, seeing that the widespread belief is that there are no humans across the planet and a robot is to come across anything associated with human lifeforms, they're required to report it immediately.

A young Sara Grace, as seen in the anime, 'Eden.' (Courtesy: Netflix)

However, A37 and E92 began to assume responsibility for Sara, by caring for her. They agree that maybe having an underground group of robots who believe that humans created robots would keep her safe, but as they approach the group, a raid is carried out by Zero, the robot in charge of securities in 'Eden 3' where they reside.

A37 and E92 flee, realizing that Sara, and they too, might be in grave danger. They eventually find a group of other robots who confirm that robots were in fact built to serve mankind and that their current prerogative was not the original one. Sara is raised by robots, learning about humankind through books and lost artifacts, while referring to A37 and E92 as her mom and dad, and a small robot named PJ as her trusty companion.

Zero, as seen in the anime, 'Eden.' (Courtesy: Netflix)

However, upon hearing the voice of a child in an abandoned robot, Sara is compelled to go find the child in Eden 3. She leaves, to keep her family safe. Upon reaching Eden 3, she soon finds out the truth -- the voice that called her was an AI by the name of Zurich.

Zurich then bestows Sara with a very important mission -- years ago, the Earth was turning inhabitable and the only way to save all of mankind was through a cryogenically induced sleep, allowing robots to rebuild the planet while they did so. However, only 35,000 people were allowed to be saved, resulting in the rest of the world dying in the process.

Zurich warns Sara that the humans in the cryogenic sleep, all 34,998 of them will die, seeing that they were stabilized to stay in stasis for a limited time only and after which they had to release. However, the release command was never given and it required a password that could only be activated by a human. It's here that Sara learns she isn't the only human that has been awoken, but also a man by the name of Dr Weston Fields.

On her quest to find him she soon learns the truth -- Dr Weston Fields was the man in charge of the project and has slated to enter a pod with his daughter Liz. His wife, Ashley, although a part of the project, was not selected, seeing that she had a communicable disease. Liz too was a sickly child, whose condition grew significantly worse. She eventually died, with Dr Fields being unable to get her into a pod.

Dr Fields was compelled to live on, to keep the memory of his daughter and wife alive. He wakes up 400 years before Sara does and is impressed by how the world has flourished during the absence of human life. He works towards fulfilling many of Liz's wishes, from allowing robots to communicate to planting apple trees, something his late daughter loved. He is all set to bring humans back until he visits his old home, named Eden Zero by his daughter, seeing it was where everything began.

It's here that he reaches his breaking point -- he finds ammunition and shell casings, implying that people had broken into his home and desecrated the same, while he was in the pod. Seeing that to him, his home was a memory associated with Liz and Ashely, Dr Field, now blind with rage, instructs his AI, to lock away his memories and transfer his consciousness to a robot exoskeleton. It's here that Dr Weston Fields turns into Zero, the manic robot that has been eradicating all things human.

Zero and Sara Grace face off in battle, as seen in the anime, 'Eden.' (Courtesy: Netflix)

The final episode of the series sees Sara face off against Zero in a classic mecha-style battle, seeing that Zero is piloting a giant armor to end Sara and the robots that support her uprising. Sara too finds an old robot of Dr Fields and uses it to fight him, in an attempt to save humanity and for her parents, who have been reprogrammed by Zero. In a last-ditch attempt, Sara faces Zero directly, forcing the robot to confront an old video of Liz, his daughter, in an attempt to help the robot regain his human memories.

Zero nearly pushes her to her death, but seeing Sara's outstretched arms reminds him of Liz's last moments, resulting in Zero himself saving her, seeing that his memories as Dr Weston Fields has been unlocked. Realizing the error of his ways, he agrees to give Sara the password -- a set of rules he formulated regarding how robots were made to serve and protect humans. Upon doing so, the pods are realized and opened, with Sara picking up an infant from the same, as humans are now back on Earth.

The series ends in a heartwarming way -- although A37 and E92 were reprogrammed and lost all memories of Sara, she notes that they still act similarly as they did when she was younger, prompting her to laugh, seeing that to her, they would also be mom and dad. Whereas Dr Fields, who lost his robot exoskeleton in the final battle, has his consciousness transferred to Emily, Liz's robot dog. When his AI systems Zurich and Geneva suggest that they can transfer him to a new body, he decides to stick around in Emily's unit instead.

You can stream all four episodes of 'Eden' on Netflix.

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