'Eden': Air time, how to live stream, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's first Japanese anime

'Eden': Air time, how to live stream, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's first Japanese anime
'Eden' is the latest anime offering from Netflix (Netflix)

Although Netflix is primarily a streaming platform, it isn't scrimping when it comes to producing original content. After dipping its toes into several original series, reality shows and even competition shows, the popular streaming platform is ready to take on the anime world with its first original anime show 'Eden'. 

The streaming platform created quite a buzz among anime fans when it announced 'Eden' back in 2019. If the show's trailer is anything to go by, then the long wait might be well worth it. Read on to know more about Netflix's first original Japanese anime show that's set in a dystopian world where the human race has been completely wiped off and the robots have taken over. 



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'Eden' is Netflix's first original Japanese anime (Netflix)

Release date

'Eden' is all set to premiere on Thursday, May 27, only on Netflix. 

How to live stream

You can live stream 'Eden' on Netflix, following its premiere. 



The official synopsis of 'Eden' states: "A human girl secretly raised by robots starts to uncover the dark secrets behind her lush, utopian world where humanity has all but vanished." 'Eden' is set thousands of years in the future in a city known as "Eden 3", which is inhabited only by robots. The robots' former masters aka humans vanished from Eden 3 a long time ago. Two farming robots — E92 and A37 — stumble upon a human baby girl while they are on one of their routine assignments. The robots take in the child, name her Sara and begin to raising her secretly in a safe haven outside Eden. 


But as Sara gets older, she begins to uncover some dark secrets about her world and the robots of Eden 3. Meanwhile, the other robots of Eden 3 learn about her existence and launch a massive search to hunt her down. With the help of her robot parents, Sara embarks on a quest to find out where she really came from and what happened to humans before the robots took over everything.


A still from 'Eden' (Netflix)


The original Japanese anime series has a Japanese voice cast featuring Marika Kouno as Sara, Kyōko Hikami as A37, Kentarō Itō as E92 and Kōichi Yamadera as Zero.


The English dubbed version has David Tennant of 'Doctor Who' fame voicing the role of robot guardian E92 and Rosario Dawson of 'The Mandalorian' fame lending her voice for A37. Neil Patrick Harris will be giving the voice for the villain Zero, while Ruby Rose Turner will be the voice of the protagonist Sara. Veteran voice actors Cassandra Lee Morris and Julie Nathanson too will lend their voices on the series. 


Ruby Rose Turner will be voicing the role of Sara on 'Eden' (Getty Images)




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