ESalon SF to shut down after Pelosi visit, Internet empathizes with owner Erica Kious and invites her to Texas

Kious opened up to Carlson and said that she’s 'afraid to go back just because of messages and emails' she’s been receiving. 'It’s a little scary and sad', she said

                            ESalon SF to shut down after Pelosi visit, Internet empathizes with owner Erica Kious and invites her to Texas
Nancy Pelosi (Getty Images), Erica Kious (Fox News)

Erica Kious, the owner of ESalon in San Francisco, has decided to shut down her business after receiving  “a ton of phone calls, text messages, and emails” following Nany Pelosi’s trip to her salon. Pelosi was criticized for getting her hair washed and blown at ESalon in San Francisco, despite the government’s order to keep businesses shut due to the ongoing pandemic.

While Pelosi’s spokesperson told in a statement that the salon offered their service to the speaker and that she “complied with the rules as presented to her by this establishment”, Kious denied it saying the speakers’ assistant had called the stylist and made an appointment, during her previous interview with Fox News. The salon owner said that “there’s no way I could have set that up”, explaining that her Salon had cameras for over five years and they weren’t “set-up” to specifically capture Pelosi and get involved in the controversy for any reason. 

In her latest conversation with news anchor Tucker Carlson, Kious shared that after she appeared on the television and presented her side of the highly controversial story, people began contacting her to say, “hope I go under and that I fail”. She further adds, “just a lot of negativity towards my business”. 

When Carlson asked her what it means to her business she said she’s “done with San Francisco and closing my door, unfortunately”. She agreed with the anchor when he asked if she’s closing her business for “speaking the truth about a politician violating her own rules” in the former’s salon. Kious said that she’s “afraid to go back just because of messages and emails” she’s been receiving. “It’s a little scary and sad”, she said. 

A petition was eventually started demanding Pelosi’s prosecution on the account of violation of Covid-19 rules and safety protocols. It has received over 800 signature with 1000 set as the goal. 

Meanwhile, a large number of people have come forward to extend their support to Kious, with the majority of offering her an opportunity to establish her business in Texas.  One of the agitated users wrote, "@eSalonSF Hi Erica I want to say that I'm sorry for what you are going thru because of that #STUPID #LOWLIFE Nancy Pelosi. If i was you I would just pack up and get the hell out of there. It is not worth the aggravation and your safety. You can start your business in a better"

"Place. Besides #California is a shit hole now. I know it's hard starting over but sometimes change is good. Keep your head up high and don't let crap like this bring you down. And definitely do not let a crazy #B*** #DUMBASS #MORON get the better of you. You're definitely better" added further. 





Inviting her to Texas one user wrote, "@eSalonSF Come to Texas Erica. You will thrive."



"@eSalonSF needs to move to #Texas. Here, we would welcome you with opened arms. eSalon would pay no state taxes and have more profit to put back into her business. Think about it Erica. It would be worth the move. Imagine the clientele you would have." tweeted another. 


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