'Dynasty' Season 4: Air time, how to live stream, trailer and all you need to know about the return of The CW soap opera

'Dynasty' Season 4: Air time, how to live stream, trailer and all you need to know about the return of The CW soap opera
'Dynasty' Season 4 returns to The CW on May 7 ([email protected]_dynasty)

Get set to see how the other set lives as 'Dynasty' returns to The CW for its fourth season. The show already has quite a following not just on The CW but on streaming giant Netflix as well. Dynasty's production much like many other shows was delayed due to the pandemic, pushing back the original October release date for Season 4. But it seems now the wait is almost over, and there are 22 new episodes for fans to enjoy. There's more good news, reports suggest that Season 5 is already in the works as well.


As for the storyline, here's what showrunner Josh Reims has shared with TVLine. Dynasty‘s third season wrapped up two episodes early due to the pandemic. However, had it been able to play out as intended Reims tells TVLine, "We would have seen Fallon and Liam get married, which we may still see next season.” As for other developments, Reims adds, “Blake was going to finally go to war with Alexis, Jeff and Adam. As if that wasn't enough, he adds that he is “setting Sam up to have a new relationship.”



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Air time

Season 4 of 'Dynasty' premieres on The CW on May 4 at 9/8c.

How to live-stream

New episodes of 'Dynasty' premiere on May 7 on The CW. You can stream episodes for free on The CW app the next day. For Netflix subscribers, there is no clarity as yet on when Season 4 will be available to watch on Netflix. Some reports suggest that the series will be available on Netflix around October 2021.



Elizabeth Gillies 

Before she began playing Fallon Carrington, the multi-talented Elizabeth Gillies who is an actor and singer, was best known for her roles on Nickoledeon's 'Victorious' and FX's comedy 'Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll'. Gillies made her singing debut on 'Victorious' singing alongside Ariana Grande.

Elizabeth Gillies stars in 'Dynasty' (Getty Images)


Grant Show 

Grant Show is something of a soap opera veteran, with his most recognizable role being on 'Melrose Place' where he played Jake Hanson from 1992 to 1997. He now plays the role of Blake Carrington on the reboot of 'Dynasty'

Grant Show stars in 'Dynasty' (Getty Images)


Robert Christopher Riley 

Before gaining popularity for his role as Michael Culhane in the 'Dynasty reboot', Riley was known for his role as Terrence Wall in the VH1 series 'Hit The Floor' from 2013 to 2016.

Robert Christopher Riley stars in 'Dynasty' (Getty Images)



It's clear that from this trailer of Season 4 turning the other cheek is definitely not on the cards. The Carrington dynasty is imploding and it's time to keep enemies close and family even closer.



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