'Dynasty' Season 3 Fall Finale: Fallon discovers that Adam is not blind, and Liam's memory starts to return

'Dynasty' Season 3 Fall Finale: Fallon discovers that Adam is not blind, and Liam's memory starts to return
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When Season 2 of 'Dynasty' ended, Adam Carrington had hit Liam Ridley on the head with a pot, leading to Adam falling in the pool and left floating facedown. The episode ended with that cliffhanger and we had to wait till the first episode of Season 3 to learn if Liam survived.

Unfortunately, the injury on his head caused Liam to lose his memories—including everything about Fallon and that he proposed to her, and also about Adam attacking him.

However, over the course of the first half of the season, Liam began to get his memory back in bits and pieces. And Liam and Fallon did eventually end up together again.

However, after the fall finale of Season 3, it looks like Liam's life is in danger again.

The episode ended in a blaze, literally, and Fallon was able to figure out that Adam was pretending to be blind. She performs a final test when she throws a pot at Adam, who ducks to avoid it.

The pot, on hitting the wall behind Adam, shatters, triggering Liam to remember what happened with the attack.


In a fit of anger, Liam attacks Adam and the two hobble over to the edge of the window. 

Just before the episode ends, however, it looks like Liam might lose his balance and fall, and since Adam's the one closest to him, we can count on the latter not helping Fallon's boyfriend because of his creepy obsession with her. 

Unfortunately, this is the second time the show is using the same cliffhanger, which could be frustrating for fans as Liam is one of the fan-favorites.

We will now have to wait for the next episode to learn about Liam's fate.

'Dynasty' will return with new episodes of Season 3 in January 2020, with the ninth episode airing on Friday, January 17.


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