'Dying To Be Famous: The Ryan Singleton Mystery': Release date, plot and all you need to know about Bounce's crime docuseries

'Dying To Be Famous: The Ryan Singleton Mystery': Release date, plot and all you need to know about Bounce's crime docuseries
Ryan Singleton (Bounce)

In 2013, a young Georgia model had driven to Los Angeles from Las Vegas for a weekend trip. Ryan Singleton was just 24 when he was picked up by the California Highway Patrol in Death Valley as he drove back to Los Angeles and his car broke down. He was dropped off at a gas station in Baker, California. His friend drove from Los Angeles to the gas station to pick him up but when he arrived, Singleton was nowhere to be found.


Singleton's friend filed a missing person report when he returned to Los Angeles. It was only 74 days after he disappeared that Singleton's body was found about two miles from the gas station. An autopsy lists the cause of death as undetermined due to advanced decomposition. The body was missing several organs, including his liver, eyes and heart, as well as some of his ribs. No one has ever been charged in Ryan's death.


Singleton’s manner of death has also been listed as undetermined. The report stated that his head had "missing flesh down to bone on the right-side secondary to animal activity", which was also listed as the reason for the loss of his eyes and other missing organs.

Before his disappearance and death, Singleton was having a thriving career, having left his home at the age of 21 for New York City to make it as a star. It was going well — he had even landed a spot on the runway during New York's Fashion Week. Shortly after, Singleton set his sights on Hollywood. He and some friends packed their stuff into a U-Haul truck and drove west to Los Angeles. They documented their journey along the way for a docu-series called 'Are We Famous Yet?'


Singleton's death and disappearance is the subject of Bounce's first-ever true-crime docuseries, 'Dying To Be Famous: The Ryan Singleton Mystery'. Read on to know more details about the docuseries.

Release date

'Dying To Be Famous: The Ryan Singleton Mystery' will premiere on Bounce on Sunday, November 1, at 9/8c with two back-to-back episodes. The remaining four episodes will air weekly.



The official synopsis for the docuseries states:

'Dying To Be Famous: The Ryan Singleton Mystery' follows the fascinating story and mysterious death of Ryan Singleton, a 24-year old aspiring model and film producer, who sets out to pursue fame and fortune in Hollywood with two of his friends. With the goal of being the "Black Entourage", the group's dreams of stardom take a tragic turn when Ryan disappears and is found dead in California's Mojave Desert — his body dumped, mutilated and missing all organs.


'Dying To Be Famous: The Ryan Singleton Mystery' investigates the tragic events trying to piece together what happened to Ryan, and why, using footage the friends shot to document their journey, along with exclusive new interviews, clues, and discoveries uncovered in the exploration of the case.


'Dying To Be Famous: The Ryan Singleton Mystery' is produced by Bounce, which is part of The EW Scripps Company.




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