'DWTS' Season 31 Semifinals: Tyra Banks' feathery outfit has fans comparing her to Ursula and an 'evil witch'

'DWTS' Season 31 Semifinals: Tyra Banks' feathery outfit has fans comparing her to Ursula and an 'evil witch'
'DWTS' Season 31 host Tyra Banks gives 'Ursula' vibes to fans in semifinals episode (Disney+)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Tyra Banks has always caught 'Dancing with the Stars' fans' attention. But the host has often grabbed most of the eyes either because of her gaffes on the show or because of her wardrobe. Once again, Tyra became the talk of the show as she donned the stage with her feathery attire.

Tyra entered 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 31 semifinals stage in a black dress with attached black gloves to it. But what interested most of the fans was the feathers attached to the upper part of Tyra's dress. The bird-like white feather made her outfit stand out from the crowd. Well, some of the fans slammed the star and compared her dress with the "chickens." Furthermore, her constant witless mistakes once again irked fans.


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A fan slammed Tyra wearing the feather dress and said, "Why is #tyrabanks dressed as Ursula tonight on." Another tweeted, "What do Tyra be wearinggggg chile ?? #DancingWiththeStars Alfonzo a** always in a damn suit." Furthermore, a fan added a gif to his post saying, "I know. Five Chicken had to die just so she could look stupid." The fan further captioned the gif, "Tyra's feather dress." 




Moreover, a few fans thrashed 'DWTS' host for talking too much and coughing in the mic. "OH NO OH NAW lmaoooo Ms Talks tooo damn much Tyra banks does not have the bronchitis god is good all the time," tweeted the fan. Another wrote, "Someone needs to turn Tyra’s mic off." Furthermore, a fan made a joke of Tyra standing in Shangela's way, saying, "@itsSHANGELA when Tyra stood in front of her during judging." Another fan called Tyra, "Tyra Banks looks slightly like an evil witch this week." Another said, "Whoever dresses Tyra: wow... This black dress looks great! ....let's add feathers in this, and make her look like an ugly duckling *maniacally laughs*"






Let us further wait to see what more blunders will Tyra be bringing on stage in the finale episode. 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 31 finale will air on November 21, 2022 at 8 pm ET on Disney+.

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