'Dancing with the Stars' season 27: Will Team Joe Down be able to beat Team Hay Now in upcoming Country Night?

In a funny turn of events, two of this season's lowest scorers - Joe Amabile and Bobby Bones - were appointed captains of #TeamJoeDown, and #TeamHayNow, respectively

                            'Dancing with the Stars' season 27: Will Team Joe Down be able to beat Team Hay Now in upcoming Country Night?

As the weeks pass by on ABC's hit reality show, 'Dancing with the Stars', we are down to a total of eight star contestants now, out of which, shockingly enough, only two are female contestants. The fact that so far in Season 27 of DWTS, all the eliminations have been women, hasn't escaped the notice of either the fans or the participants.

As we arrive at week seven of the show and are about to witness a Country Night-themed episode, there is the added bonus of group performances divided into #TeamHayNow and #TeamJoeDown. As the names reveal, fan-favorite Grocery Store Joe Amabile is leading Team Joe Down, but owing to his not so impressive performances in the show so far, will he be the reason Team Hay Now beats them?

As reported earlier, on the coming episode set to air on Monday, November 5, the couples will perform not one but two numbers. The first is a couple’s dance featuring a style not yet seen, and the second is a Team Dance, where the couples will split off into the aforementioned two teams: #TeamHayNow and #TeamJoeDown. The judges’ scores from both rounds will be combined with viewer votes from the previous week.


However, in a surprising twist, the two lowest scoring participants this season, were assigned to lead the two teams - Amabile for Team Joe Down, and radio personality Bobby Bones for Team Hay Now. The couples from #TeamJoeDown consist of Grocery Store Joe and Jenna Johnson, Juan Pablo Di Pace and Cheryl Burke, Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten, and finally, DeMarcus Ware and Lindsay Arnold, while #TeamHayNow boasts Bones and Sharna Burgess, Milo Manheim and Witney Carson, Evanna Lynch and Keo Motsepe, and John Schneider and Emma Slater.

But while Amabile might be the least scoring participant so far, his team consists some of the most consistent performers on this season's DWTS, like Ren and Ware. At the same time, Amabile's lack of dancing skills has been very smoothly compensated for by his pro-partner, Jenna Johnson, using remarkable inspirations for choreography, staging, and, of course, themes.

In addition to that, the fact that the team dances can be freestyle, also gives Amabile the benefit of not having to learn proper rules and stick to them, like it would be necessary for any form of Ballroom or Latin dance.


When you consider #TeamHayNow, they might hold two of the weak performers this season - Bones and Schneider - although, they still aren't as bad as Amabile. Also, the team comprises of Manheim and Lynch, both of who, have evolved to become really good dancers on the show. So, in a way, Team Joe Down consists of one bad performer, and three strong performers, while Team Hay Now has two brilliant performers and two not-so-impressive ones. 

Technically Team Hay Down seems like a safer bet when it comes to the consistency of the performers, but, knowing Amabile - he might pull a surprisingly impressive act again, just like he did in the previous episode. Till then, his signature score had been low, around 20, but he topped that with his Halloween Night performance, surprising everyone by scoring a solid 22 out of 30. But with the prospect of a double elimination looming over this episode, only time will tell who gets the upper hand.