'Dancing With The Stars' season 27: Fans unimpressed by how much the show is focussing on Alexis and Alan's 'budding romance'

As a few of them point out, 'Dancing With The Stars needs to tone down the Alexis-Alan romance and focus on what they had come to the show for — the dance

                            'Dancing With The Stars' season 27: Fans unimpressed by how much the show is focussing on Alexis and Alan's 'budding romance'

As interesting and aww-dorable as the prospect of a budding romance between Alexis Ren and her 'Dancing With The Stars' pro-partner for season 27 Alan Bersten, had seemed initially, just a couple of weeks later, certain fans feel that the show is going too far with trying to push that story onto its viewers - thereby missing out on the whole dance aspect of the couple. This very Monday, DWTS aired its 'Halloween Night' themed episode, where the social media star and her pro-partner performed a Willy Wonka-themed jazz number. And even though it was able to earn them a whopping 27 out of 30, fan and critics on Twitter weren't entirely satisfied.

It all started when a pre-recorded video of the two showed the real-life chemistry they share - also alluding to the speculations fans have made about a possible romance brewing between the two.

Following along the lines of last week's little teaser snippet that hinted at Alexis and Alan developing feelings for each other, even though neither of them confirmed that they're together in that video, the more recent one shows Alexis finally seating Alan down on the couch and addressing "the elephant in the room". As cameras rolled, viewers got a sneak peek of Alexis admitting that she liked Alan. His response? He feels he needs to sort through how he feels about her, but that didn't stop him from saying some pretty nice things about her smile.

Though the initial stages after the scene aired saw a lot of fans gushing about it on social media, there was also a certain category of them who just weren't ready to accept it.

The reason? As a fair few of them pointed out, 'Dancing With The Stars' needs to tone it down a little bit when it comes to the Alexis-Alan supposed romance and focus on what they had come to the show for — their dance.

"Those clips of Alexis and Alan were completely unnecessary. So what if they got chemistry or feelings, they're there to dance. What happens behind the scenes should be their business only," one person wrote. "I’m tired of the “showmance” they’re pushing with alexis and alan," another wrote.




And it didn't stop at just that as certain fans had a lot to criticize about Alexis and Alan's most recent performance to 'Candyman'. While their dance was pretty much flawless, fans couldn't help but notice that the background singers were messing up the lyrics in an attempt to censor the original lyrics for the audience, but their timing was just off during some parts of the song. "Is it me or was that singer really off with her timing because of filtering all those words in Candyman?" a fan tweeted. "I'm sure performing many many live songs every week isn't easy, but c'mon, #dwtssingers, that was rough," said another.

Luckily, however, none of that criticism stands even the slightest chance when it comes to how much Alexis and Alan enjoy performing with each other. "It’s so much fun to dance with someone that you have a connection with. It’s almost like time slows down," Alexis said on the video footage. "We communicate not just through our steps and our movements, but with our hearts too."