'DWTS' Queen Night: Fans slam Tyra Banks for addressing Suni Lee's health on live TV

'DWTS' Queen Night: Fans slam Tyra Banks for addressing Suni Lee's health on live TV
Tyra Banks (Instagram/tyrabanks) and Suni Lee on 'Dancing With The Stars' (Instagram/dancingabc)

For Suni Lee, having been in the bottom on 'Dancing With The Stars' was not easy. However, as an athlete, she's dealt with her fair share of trials and tribulations and knows how to work through them. With some valuable advice from her gymnastic coach Jess Graba, Lee agreed that now was not the time to conserve energy, but give it her all. Unfortunately, 'Queen Night' for Lee came with a twist, as she found herself unwell. Even then, she pushed through it all and performed.

Lee and pro Sasha Farber danced the Paso Doble to 'We Will Rock You'. For the group relay challenge, Amanda Kloots, Lee and Melora Hardin performed a Viennese Waltz to 'We Are The Champions'. Continue reading to find out what happened during Lee's performance and why fans are furious at host Tyra Banks.


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Unfortunately, Lee was rather unwell during her performance and left the stage immediately after it was done, and didn't wait long enough for the critique. The judges were supportive overall, seeing that she was rather unwell. Based on her performance, they scored her 33 out of 40 and along with her relay performance, she rounded her score off at 34. However, during both the scorings Tyra repeatedly brought up the fact that Lee was unwell and hence had to rush to the bathroom. Fans were pissed to see her treat the topic, even when Lee herself looked uncomfortable with the questions. 

"#DWTS Tyra needs accessories to go with this outfit. Also a filter for her mouth & an apology to Suni for blabbing about her illness. “It’s not covid.” seriously??" tweeted a fan. "Tyra lacking all social awareness as she continues to bring up Suni puking even though it is visibly making her upset and uncomfortable #DWTS" added another. "Tyra really just let the world know Suni has tummy troubles like we all don’t know what that translates to. That was so dirty and unnecessary  #dwts" agreed another. 

"Jeez, Tyra... We get it, Suni isn't feeling well. What happened to Girl Code?  #DWTS #DWTS30 #DancingWithTheStars #TMI" stated a fan. "Thank God they muted Tyra so she would stop telling Suni’s business to the world!!! Just say she’s ill & let her have her privacy, damn #dwts" tweeted a fan. "Poor Suni. All I could think was dear god, please someone get her some Pepto Bismal and there was Tyra grilling her like she got the scoop of the century. #dwts" said a fan.













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