'DWTS' Season 30 Finale: JoJo Siwa was 'consistently good', say fans after Iman's win

JoJo Siwa might not be walking away with the Mirrorball Trophy, but fans were proud of what she accomplished along the way

                            'DWTS' Season 30 Finale: JoJo Siwa was 'consistently good', say fans after Iman's win
JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson on 'Dancing With The Stars' (Instagram/DancingABC)

Season 30 of 'Dancing With The Stars' are proved to be one of the most exciting seasons yet. From absolute wild cards to stunning performances, each week has proved to be quite the rollercoaster. It will also go down in history as the first season to have a same-sex couple, popstar JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson. And if anything, this duo proved that they are the ultimate threat, with their flawless performances every week.

For the season finale, Siwa and pro Jenna Johnson performed a Tango and Cha Cha fusion dance to 'I Love It. by Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX; then a freestyle dance to 'Born This Way' by Lady Gaga. Here's how their performance went! 


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As Siwa explained, she always preaches having confidence but doesn't practice it. However, dancing with Johnson truly helped her get over the fear of being herself. Citing that these ten weeks had been the best of her life, she was determined to make the finale the best night ever. 

Len Goodman stated that Siwa and Johnson proved that they created magic on stage regardless of who you dance with. Carrie Ann Inaba said that people kept saying Siwa was a great dancer before the show, but she saw a woman transformed. Julianne Hough exclaimed that Siwa could never be one thing because she is all things. Bruno Tonioli was in awe of how Siwa worked the floor and the camera, calling it perfection. Siwa walked away with a perfect score during the first round, and fans were thrilled. 

"How… how do you give it to anyone else? JoJo Siwa is out of this world. #DWTS" tweeted a fan. "Any outcome that doesn't involve Jenna winning her first season will be simply unfair. Oh yes, and Jojo #DWTS" added another. "You can talk smack about JoJo being a professional dancer before this show all you want, but go back and look at her week 1 dance. This is a different dancer and a different young lady. #DWTS" said a fan, echoing Inaba's sentiments. "JoJo is genuinely one of the best technical dancers we've ever had on this show my goodness that was fantastic" noted a fan.









For the second performance of the night, the duo blew away the judges yet again with their freestyle. They praised her for being an icon for the youth, with Inaba stating that she feels safe for the future as young people have her to look up to. Tonioli even got emotional, wishing he was Siwa around when he was younger, as it would have made so many people's journey to accepting themselves easier. Bagging her second perfect score of the evening, Siwa was now tied with Shumpert on the scoreboard, as they both had a perfect score of 80 out of 80. When it finally came down to declaring a winner, Shumpert ended up winning the Mirrorball Trophy, with Siwa placing second. 

While some fans claimed that she was robbed and the show was rigged, a majority spoke up about how Siwa still managed to make her mark in her own right and were proud of her none the less. 

"I voted for Iman & Jojo ! Even though they were complete opposites of each other. I’ve seen a lot of people come on DWTS &never progress, but Iman has improved 10x! He deserved this win & but so did Jojo bc she was consistently good all season. If only 2 ppl could win #DWTS" stated a fan. "All these people saying Jojo was robbed. She was in the bottom 2 once in the competition once. Iman never was all season. I would have been fine if Jojo won too, Iman killed it. Either win would have been great. #DWTS" added another. "Whether they won or not JoJo and Jenna def made history! I hope to see more same sex couple pairings in the future! Also, @JennaJohnson you are a genius! Amazing choreography! #DWTS" tweeted a fan. "I don’t want anyone saying Jojo was robbed, no she wasn’t. She made her mark and made history. Which is why better than a trophy but Iman needed to win. The man had no background dancing and actually improved as the season went. He proved everyone wrong. #DWTS" stated a fan. 








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