Dwayne Johnson posts a pic of sushi, and everyone gets philosophical; but surely he needs a bigger TV!

The supetsar's latest Instagram post of a spread of sushi while he was watching a Garry Shandling documentary has made all his fans a tad philosophical and some a bit narky

                            Dwayne Johnson posts a pic of sushi, and everyone gets philosophical; but surely he needs a bigger TV!
Dwayne Johnson (Source:Getty Images)

Dwayne Johnson may have big biceps, pecs that can dance like water fountains, and a neck the size of a Redwood, but there's one thing he does have that's absolutely, show-stoppingly tiny...the screen he watches his freakin' shows on.

In a new Instagram post, The Rock, uploaded a pic of a fine array of sushi laid out in front of him with a documentary on legendary comedian Gary Shandling playing on a laptop about a 100 metres away from him (we're taking a poetic licence to exaggerate here).

Needless to say the food looked amazing, with Dwayne describing it thus:  "Sunday sushi express rolls along.. 🍣 🚂  with a phenomenal doc on legendary comedian, Garry Shandling. He discovered that his secret sauce to success was when decided to just be himself.  So the take away here, is be you. And don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself - crush your cheat meals. "

His fans were orgasmic in their appreciation of their idol's choice of cuisine and apart from the usual self-promotion there were a few insightful comments, with one fan even aiming a thinly-veiled dig at the 'Skyscraper' star.

"Big man needs alot of food.. You are absolutely gorgeous but too good to say hello huh..," wrote kanipe.shelia, obviously assuming the big man sits around all day flexing his glutes.

jcofthefinest writes: "Super fact! Just be YOU! Embrace your uniqueness and differences! And it’s cheat week this week! Dominating the meal @therock this weekend! I know yours was CRUSHED!"

The Rock was most likely watching HBO's superb doc 'The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling', directed by Judd Apatow. The documentary features "interviews from nearly four dozen friends, family and colleagues; four decades’ worth of television appearances; and a lifetime of personal journals, private letters and home audio and video footage."   

Dwayne's latest film 'Skyscraper' may not have set the world on fire -- just one mother of a building in Hong Kong -- but with 'Ballers' out soon, Spencer Strasmore is gonna be ballin'.