Dwayne Johnson slammed for 'supporting animals being kept in captivity' after posting video with sea lion

Dwayne Johnson was slammed by his Instagram followers after the actor uploaded a video featuring a sea lion with a caption: 'Meet my lady, Katie. She loves me. Calls me sexy.'

                            Dwayne Johnson slammed for 'supporting animals being kept in captivity' after posting video with sea lion
Dwayne Johnson (Source:Getty Images)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has won many hearts over the years for his acting and social work but his recent trip to the aquarium may have seriously dented his image as a responsible role model. Taking to Instagram, the actor shared a video with a sea lion in which he spoke about being "one with anyone with a heartbeat".

The actor introduced the beautiful sea creature as 'Katie' and spoke about working with her for many years. Dwayne then proceeded to ask Katie a couple of questions and waited for her to respond to the same. The actor captioned the Instagram video: "Meet my lady, Katie. She loves me. Calls me sexy. And is way bigger than @kevinhart4real." What Dwayne thought was "relationship goals", his fans thought otherwise.

"WHY!? I can’t believe that people - especially ‘celebrities’ are still promoting animals in captivity! Shame on you dude," wrote one fan. Another added, "You lost a fan. So disappointed you even delete the comments of people that are trying to inform and educate you! #CAPTIVITYKILLS #emptythetanks#usedandabused #shameonyou." Another fan added that the animals deserved to be set free. 

"So disappointed... animals don't belong to zoos. She should be free with her own kind in the vast oceans, not in some fake and sad looking prison," the comment read. Another added, "Wow sorry but seeing you promoting this horrible place is so disappointing. You have such a huge voice that you could use to help those beautiful creatures instead of helping their captors to profit from their tragic faith. You just lost a fan. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one."

It also looks like the recent post by the actor might have cost him some fans as one user wrote, "You disgust me... how about we put you in captivity and make you be a puppet for entertainment... oh.. you already are!! My mistake. Pathetic... not a role model at all. WAKE U."

However, there were many who came to defend Dwayne as they believed there was nothing wrong with animals being kept in a zoo or an aquarium. "I saw beluga in San Antonio. I thought it’s beautiful and seeing these comments from animal lovers shocked me. So does this means I am bad person too? We are just enjoying our times. We have nothing to do with what Y'all call them being kidnapped. I actually think all animals are safe with the care of people rather than being in wild," one fan wrote. 

Meanwhile, another added, "He’s supporting them in captivity, and why would u want them out in the open sea’s, THEY WILL GET KILLED. And the Rocks not promoting captivity you’re just being ridiculous. I get you want them freed and not stuck in a tank but outside that tank if they go out in the open, they will die faster than in that tank, plus those people that work there and people like the Rock are there to take care of them and love them because their kind and caring people so don’t go out and make people like them sound like terrible people like you and others are."