Dune Rats to release 3rd studio album 'Hurry Up And Wait', a euphoric playground of punk rock antics: Review

'Hurry Up And Wait' is the third full-length upcoming album by Dune Rats, set for January 31 and promises fun, humor, shenanigans, with more relatable lyrics in an absolute party atmosphere

                            Dune Rats to release 3rd studio album 'Hurry Up And Wait', a euphoric playground of punk rock antics: Review
Danny Beausa, BC Michaels and Brett Jansch of The Dune Rats (Getty Images)

Punk rock radicals Dune Rats have announced an exciting new full-length album to their collection, the third one to date, 'Hurry Up And Wait'. Set to be released on January 31 via Rise Records, 'Hurry Up And Wait' promises high doses of fun, rebellious humor and super-charged musical entertainment anthemed by playful (and explicit) lyrics.

For all those tired of the cumbersome realities of life and its responsibilities, Dune Rats has us energized and mischievous with each track. The production value has gone up a notch from an echoing garage sound in their previous albums to a more pumped-up, cleaner mastering with the electric guitar carrying more bass and weight with each strike and strum.

The band hails the Australian trio: Danny Beus as guitarist and frontman, Brett Jansch on bass and BC Michaels on drums. The three rock 'n' roll musketeers appear inseparable as a team with their antics and shenanigans in their music videos, also evident in the very tight execution of the music.

The trio started the writing process for 'Hurry Up And Wait' at a farmhouse in Australia belonging to a friend and Cosmic Psychos legend Ross Knight before heading to John Feldmann's L. A. studio and back again. John Feldmann produced Blink 182's 'California' album and has co-written and produced a number of songs for 5 Seconds of Summer.

The group received help along the way from James Tidswell of Violent Soho, engineer Mitch Kenny, producer and songwriter Miro Mackie, and mixer Mike Green. Dune Rats have also recruited fast-rising alternative star K.Flay, who makes an appearance on 'Stupid Is As Stupid Does'.

The Dune Rats (Getty Images)

With the majority of songs having a length between one to three minutes, the longest being three minutes, 22 seconds, each song bursts open like candy wrappers of punk rock joy from the get-go. Dune Rats thrive on party anthems and surf music, and the new album does not disappoint, as the added backing vocals coax their listeners to chant along.

For those who like a bit of venting, Danny Beus delivers a tasteful amount of short growling moments between the singing, which one could argue would leave a longer effect than screamo from start to end. The album features little-to-no slow jams and should be embraced as such as it purely revs up its listeners into a frenzy of partying and just plain good vibes, with more focus on relatable lyrics, this time around.

'Hurry Up And Wait' follows the immense success of their breakthrough album 'The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit', which debuted at No. 1 on the ARIA Albums Chart upon its 2017 release. 

Both a single and video was released for one of the songs from the new album on November 4, 2019, titled 'Crazy'. Watch it here.

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