'Dublin Murders' Episode 4: Lexie's death and Rob's past will be solved if mystery of the woods is understood

'Dublin Murders' Episode 4: Lexie's death and Rob's past will be solved if mystery of the woods is understood

'Dublin Murders' is adding more mystery to the already complicated plot and we are loving it. As much as we would love to see Rob (Killian Scott) and Cassie (Sarah Greene) solve Katy's (Amy Macken) murder, we are loving the layered mysteries that come along with Rob's past and Cassie's alternate personality.

In the upcoming Season 1 Episode 4 of the Starz series, we are hoping to find some answers to the puzzles so far, but according to the precedent set by the show, it seems like that would possibly be more or less setting ourselves for failure. 

In the previously aired Episode 3 of 'Dublin Murders', we saw that Lexie, detective Cassie's lookalike, who also happens to share the name and features of her undercover alter ego, is dead. This obviously comes as a shock to Cassie, and in the upcoming episode, we will see how she reacts to this. Earlier this season, her former boss Frank (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) had reached out to her, assuming she had resurrected Lexie and that she should stop it before getting into trouble, but she hadn't taken him seriously.

Now, however, things have changed, and her lookalike — but for a fringe haircut and a nose ring — is dead in the same mysterious woods, which holds many secrets. 


Lexie's death is not just a mystery for her to solve, but for the Dublin police department as well. They need to find out why one of their detectives has a doppelganger, where she comes from and why she has ended up dead. It remains to be seen how they will solve these mysteries and how this development will affect Cassie's involvement in the ongoing murder investigation. 

Presumably, the existence and eventual death of Lexie will disturb Rob as well, seeing as how good friends he is with Cassie. This will add to his belief that something creepy lurks in the woods, and answer to every mystery they have encountered even since the beginning of the show lies in finding out what is so sinister about the woods.


We can't wait to find out how 'Dublin Murders' will take the story forward, start with the upcoming Episode 4 of the Starz show, which will be aired on Sunday, December 1.

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