Dua Lipa's single 'Break My Heart' from upcoming album 'Future Nostalgia' features a sample by rock band INXS

'Future Nostalgia' is set to be a retro album with major throwbacks to the '80s including 'Physical' by Olivia Newton

                            Dua Lipa's single 'Break My Heart' from upcoming album 'Future Nostalgia' features a sample by rock band INXS
Dua Lipa (Getty Images)

Dua Lipa has revealed that the next single from her upcoming second album 'Future Nostalgia' will be the track 'Break My Heart' — and she's already shot the video for it!

The song samples a melody from the song 'Need You Tonight' by INXS, and even gives Michael Hutchence, the lead singer and lyricist of the band, songwriting credits.

Earlier this year, Dua Lipa was left stunned when three songs from the upcoming album were leaked online. The leak included 'Break My Heart' as well as two other tracks — 'If It Ain't Me', which is a collaboration with ex-Fifth Harmony member Normani, and 'Physical'.

'Physical' dropped not long after the leak accompanied by a stunning partially-animated video. The song and video both appear to carry a retro '80s disco vibe to them, even giving a shout out to the iconic 1981 hit single of the same name by Olivia Newton.

The aptly titled 'Future Nostalgia' is filled with references to the era of disco and the upcoming single is sure to be just as much of a throwback.


However, 'Break My Heart' and 'If It Ain't Me' were not meant to release till much later. After spending the last two years working on the album, it certainly is a painful blow to have some of those tracks leaked before their official release.

Given the various throwbacks and samples featured on the album, it certainly was no easy task putting it all together either. However, Lipa has clearly taken it in stride as she casually drops news of a new video coming soon.

In an interview with Sunrise, she said, "I’m really excited for that one...I just shot the video for it." Previously, the singer summed up the track by saying, "This is where dance crying comes back," leaving fans excited to see what unique spin she puts on the INXS track!

Speaking about the album itself, Lipa has said she wanted to create something that would challenge her while also paying homage to her favorite classic pop songs while also still staying fresh.

She added, "I was inspired by so many artistes on the new record. From Gwen Stefani to Madonna to Moloko to Blondie and Outkast, to name just a few."

'Future Nostalgia' drops on April 3.

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