'It's most liberating': Drew Barrymore reveals she loves to 'walk around naked' when home alone

'It's most liberating': Drew Barrymore reveals she loves to 'walk around naked' when home alone
Drew Barrymore attends Variety's 2022 Power Of Women: New York Event Presented By Lifetime at The Glasshouse on May 5, 2022 in New York City (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Variety)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Actress Drew Barrymore during one of her segments of 'The Drew Barrymore' show, called 'Drew’s News', confessed she never misses an opportunity to shed off her clothes when alone at home. It was her Thursday, October 20, episode during which Barrymore, co-host Ross Mathews, and former NBA player Dennis Rodman weighed on a recent statement by actor Christopher Meloni that how he is a "big fan of nudity."

The ex-sportsman shared that he loves nudity too, as it is freeing, and said he likes, “being an individual that's very open." Mathews then joked on Meloni’s admission that he does his exercise naked at his home gym and enjoys it, by saying "Imagine a jumping jack, if you will.” He gestured his arm and added, "Whoever you are, things are, you know."



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This is when Barrymore jumped into the conversation and said, "I have to say, too, if I get a moment alone in my apartment and my kids have gone to their dad's or there's no one around, I'll lock all the doors and I'll walk around naked. It just feels like the most liberating act I can do," as reported by People magazine.

Rodman responded to Barrymore's comment, "That's cool. I do it all the time. All the time." Mathews didn’t miss the opportunity to joke again, "All right, well guess what everyone: tune in tomorrow — I'll be nude, right here at this desk!" "You've convinced me, Rodman," he added.

Barrymore also gave more insight on her recent on-air comment that she can go "years" without sex, through her new blog post. Her Sunday, October 16, her blog read, "I'm sure that there was one point in my life where six months might have seemed extreme, but I'm on the other side of that now."

Barrymore also reflected on how her perception on intimacy has changed while "growing up" and being an adult now, as per the report. The 47-year-old said she “searched [her] whole life" trying to figure out the difference between sex and love, and finally got it answered by her therapist. "Sex is not love! It is the expression of love, she was told,” the 'Charlie's Angels' star noted.

The mother of two daughters, Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8, with ex-husband Will Kopelman, also talked about her plans on getting in a relationship in near-future, and wrote "just in a completely different place in my life and maybe in the near future I will get into a relationship … but it simply hasn't been my priority."

According to the report, Barrymore further wrote, "A relationship with a man has not been top of mind for me for a very long time." "[I] needed to stay very celibate and honoring and in some sort of state of [mourning] of the loss of a nuclear family that I swore I would have for my daughters and to find grace and acceptance and what our new normal of a blended family would be," she explained.


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