Dramatic bodycam footage shows Texas cop chasing suspect hours after he allegedly kidnapped and raped a woman

Dramatic bodycam footage shows Texas cop chasing suspect hours after he allegedly kidnapped and raped a woman
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Bodycam footage of a Texas police officer shows the dramatic moment he chases a suspected rapist through wooded areas and undergrowth before ultimately apprehending him. Zataymon Skinner, 30, of Lufkin, allegedly kidnapped a woman as she left work before raping her and shoving her into a car trunk, KTRE reports.

The suspect reportedly threatened the woman after she finished her shift at a Lufkin fast food outlet at about 12.30 am on Saturday and was about to get into her car. The victim, who recognized Skinner as a former neighbor, alleged he threatened her to "get in or I'll kill you."

Skinner took the wheel of her red Ford Fusion and drove them to a dead-end street in the Lufkin Land area, where the victim claims he raped her and then locked her in the trunk of the vehicle. The woman somehow managed to escape soon after the attacker started driving. Skinner tried to chase her but soon gave up the pursuit and drove off in her car, police said.


During interrogation, she told police she knew the man only as "Mon." Authorities were subsequently alerted about a disturbance involving someone named "Mon" at around 11 am the same day. Suspecting it was the same individual, cops rushed to the address.

Lufkin police released dramatic bodycam footage where an officer is seen running through fields, jumping barriers, and across wooded areas as he chases the suspect. The cop pushes his way through the undergrowth and climbs over fences in pursuit of Skinner, before finally catching up with him and placing him in handcuffs.


The suspect was subsequently charged with evading arrest and past records showed he had warrants for a parole violation and theft. Detectives filed warrants for aggravated kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle as soon as the victim identified Skinner as her attacker. "We are so thankful this woman escaped with her life and that we were able to get Skinner in custody before he victimized anyone else," Lufkin Police said in a statement. According to police, they are still searching for the stolen vehicle -- a red 2006 Ford Fusion with license plate DVU-2L4. 


Anyone who locates the vehicle is urged to alert authorities at 936-633-0356.

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 Dramatic bodycam footage Texas cop chasing suspect allegedly kidnapped woman raped stole car