Will Drake go with Bruno Mars or Ariana Grande? Singer teases new single, fans hope they get 'Drakiana' collab

Drake has a legacy of collaborating with various pop stars in the music industry which presumably can be the reason that people are still guessing who will feature with him this time

                            Will Drake go with Bruno Mars or Ariana Grande? Singer teases new single, fans hope they get 'Drakiana' collab
Bruno Mars, Drake Graham and Ariana Grande (Getty Images)

Canadian rapper Drake has just teased his fandom with a video that he posted on Instagram on August 13 which is about the singer-songwriter’s new single. The video captioned as “TMRW MIDNIGHT” prepares us for his next venture in music that is set to drop this Friday, August 14.

The teaser shows two jetskis in the water doing some turns and while one of the operators look like Drake, the other person is far in the distance to make out. The rapper also  shared this video on his Twitter account. Rumors are rife that Drake and singer Bruno Mars are going to collaborate on this new single but mostly netizens speculate that it could be singer Ariana Grande. Till now, the ‘Passionfruit’ star has kept his fandom guessing and people are coming with various kinds of matches for this new single. 


Hailing the iconic combo, a fan tweeted: "Drake and Bruno Mars are doing a collab?! Iconic male popstar duo!"



"Now I understand why Dua's team was forced to move the release date it's because of Drake ft Bruno Mars. Let's face it their collab was huge as fck," said one social media fan trying to deduce who the singer will be collaborating with.




“Goodnight. I hope I wake up to a confirmed drake and Ariana collab,” tweeted a fan.



Drake, who has played Jimmy Brooks on the popular television show ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’, has a legacy of collaborating with various pop stars in the music industry. In 2010 he collaborated with music sensation Rihanna over ‘What’s My Name’ and then ‘Work’ in 2016. He also rapped with Nicki Minaj in ‘Moment 4 Life’ in 2011 which was nominated for a Grammy in 2012. Now the Internet is going into a frenzy with more people placing their bets on the 'Thank u, Next' singer. Ariana’s fans desperately want the two music moguls to be together and can’t wait to see them. “Manifesting it to be the supposed Ari x Drake collab,” one wrote. 



“Drake is dropping a new song tom!!!! (Rumor has it it's a collab with ari) Thank goodness not on the same day as Dynamite tho”, excited fans write. BTS’s new single “Dynamite” is slated to be released on Friday, August 21.


Some fans believe that if Drake and Ariana collaborate then the song is going to have a huge fanbase. “Dang so Drake & Ariana doing a collab, radios are going to eat that shit up both have huge fanbases & the gp loves them so they'd have both radio and streams on their side so yeah if we don't do like 200-250k pure + great streams we won't even get to sniff that number 1. So good luck to us,” one fan wrote. 



Others have already termed it as a “Drakiana” collaboration and are waiting for the news to be sealed. “I know right. But the sources that talked about a Drakiana collab predicted a collab this Friday. So we'll see I guess”. 



Some are going as far as to think that Ariana might have “postponed the 'Airpink' collab for the Drake collab and say it makes sense now. The other much-awaited collaboration is between Blackpink and Ariana.



Until Drake, the ‘Fake Love’ star actually drops his single, such rumors are going to be common as fandoms of several stars like Bruno and Ariana want their icons to be with Drake. 

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