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Outrage as drag queen spreads legs and thrusts breasts forward as little kids encouraged to TIP

'I just DO NOT understand the parents who willingly expose their kids to this crap. Nah, I don't WANT to understand,' said a user
UPDATED OCT 15, 2022
There were many young children among the audience (Twitter/@libsoftiktok)
There were many young children among the audience (Twitter/@libsoftiktok)

A disturbing video has emerged where a drag queen was seen spreading their legs in a so-called 'family friendly' show in front of an audience that included minors. The viral clip posted by the highly controversial Libs of TikTok account stated, "This is what a 'family friendly' drag show looks like. Drag queens spreading their legs for little kids to tip them." It appears that the event was organized by IPIC Movie Theaters which operates in various places in the northeastern US, Florida, and California. However, the actual time and location are yet to be identified. 

A drag queen can be seen in the viral clip wearing a skimpy leotard performing a forward role along a catwalk before spreading their legs wide. A young boy who was just a feet away appeared to hand over a tip to another cast member after the performer pushed their breast forward. The person behind the Libs of TikTok account was suspended from the social media platform permanently earlier this year.


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The right-winged Twitter account which was formerly owned by real estate agent Chaya Raichik has expressed their growing concern about children being brought to sexualized shows in the name of diversity. The latest clip has generated quite an outrage online. "As a gay man, I disavow this entirely. This is thoroughly inappropriate and needs to stop," wrote Joseph Jones. "I don't know how these 'family friendly' drag shows became so common, so fast. I feel like just a year ago this wasn't a thing," said Joseph Steimle. "I just DO NOT understand the parents who willingly expose their kids to this crap. Nah, I don't WANT to understand," said one. "This is super weird. These parents should be investigated," added another.  





Daily Mail reported that similar things have happened in the United States in the past. A young girl was seen tipping a drag queen in September last year who exposed her synthetic breasts in front of the minor during a 'family-friendly' event at a Michigan gay venue. The unnamed child passed passed a bill to RuPaul's Drag Race star Yara Sofia at Hamburger Mary's in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the clip. Sofia, whose real name is Gabriel Burgos Ortiz, can be seen smiling at the youngster who tipped her while she sat on the knee of an adult woman at the time. 


It has also been reported that New York City is spending huge amounts of money for sending drag queens into its public elementary schools, dropping more than $200,000 on appearances since 2018. In 2021, there were 67 in-person appearances and 141 with almost 1,000 school children exposed. In 2022 alone, Drag Story Hour NYC has made 49 appearances at 34 public schools in New York City, according to its website.