'Dr Pimple Popper': Dr Lee fears 'raw meat mass' on Bradley's leg could be cancer

Although Dr Sandra Lee has past experience in solving many worse skin conditions this time she was afraid after seeing Bradley's skin condition and thought that it can be cancer

                            'Dr Pimple Popper': Dr Lee fears 'raw meat mass' on Bradley's leg could be cancer
Bradley's treated leg and Dr Sandra Lee from 'Dr Pimple Popper' (TLC)

TLC's 'Dr Pimple Pomper' is not a show for the faint-hearted. However, gross the viewing may be, fans of the show cannot help be riveted as they watch the skilled Dr Sandra Lee handle some really tough skin conditions without even breaking a sweat. Watching the pus ooze out of lumps and lesions has strangely found a devoted audience for TLC.

'Dr Pimple Popper' Season 7 Episode titled 'Raw Meat Mass' featured Bradley, who was suffering from a bad skin condition. Bradley has a small lump on his leg that he jokingly referred to as 'mushroom.' Although the lump was tiny, it seemed like raw meat hanging off his leg. While meeting with Dr Sandra Lee, Bradley hoped that she would remove this lump from his leg using all her experience and knowledge, but after seeing the lump, Dr Lee was confused as to whether it was just a normal lump or something more benign. 


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Bradley saw this growth on his left leg 10-12 years ago, but gradually the size of the lump increased like a giant mushroom. Bradley never consulted any doctor because of his fear of doctors and surgeries, but after being forced by his son, Bradley finally met Dr Lee and consented to get his surgery done. Bradley also revealed that he lost 100 pounds due to his diabetes. While talking about his problem, Bradley explains that the lump pained him and occasionally it bleeds as well, making it a bit of an eyesore for him and others. Dr Lee was concerned about Bradley as he is a diabetic patient and had lost a massive amount of weight. 

Dr Lee started the surgery by giving him a dose of anesthesia. She cut out the lump, but after that, she was shocked to see that the growth had made impact under the skin. She feared it may be a cancer of some kind. Dr Lee took a tissue sample for sending to the dermatologist and stitched the open wound after removing the giant mushroom. Dr Lee did a splendid job removing the unwanted lump from Bradley's leg and giving back his confidence.

Viewers soon jumped in to speak about how they felt about the procedure. A fan tweeted,"What a relief for Bradley not having cancer he feels motivated now, Kayla's skin is clear now she's playing the guitar in public for the people & Margarita looking better than ever without the big lump on she can have a great time with family Thank You Sandra Lee #DrPimplePopper." Another fan tweeted,"Pray that Bradley really follows up and gets the help he needs. Thank you for sharing this. I hope others who suffer from similar growth. Please keep us up to date. #DrPimplePopper." Another fan said,"Why would you rather avoid a Dr. and accept for 10+ years something that bleeds, oozes, looks so painful? Why do men prefer to get help? It makes you strong not weak men to take better care of yourselves. #drpimplepopper."





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