'Dr Pimple Popper': Dr Lee removes Margarita's lump making her feel confident again

In Episode 3 of 'Dr Pimple Popper' Dr Sandra was seen removing the huge armpit lump

                            'Dr Pimple Popper': Dr Lee removes Margarita's lump making her feel confident again
Margarita's Lump before and after getting treated by Dr Sandra Lee (TLC)

TLC's 'Dr Pimple Popper' featuring one of the best skin doctors, Dr Sandra Lee, is back on the screens with another season. Dr Sandra Lee earlier said she would be tackling some skin conditions that she would have never imagined.

Armed with her tweezers, Dr Sandra Lee in the 'Dr Pimple Popper' Season 7 Episode 3 will be helping some of her patients to get back the confidence they lost because of these skin conditions. Episode 3 'Raw Meat Mass' features Margarita with her armpit lump. Every woman wants to get dressed in fit clothes and look gorgeous, flaunting their body, but unfortunately, Margarita's skin condition was not allowing her to do the same. Margarita was losing all her confidence because of that lump in her armpit. In addition, she was tried to hide it from everyone, including her family members and friends.


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While talking about her lump, Margarita revealed that she saw a tiny lump 10 years back, but gradually that lump increased and became more critical day by day. She said that she had consulted many doctors earlier, but all they did was give her steroids and antibiotics that were not helpful at all. Margarita's last hope was Dr Sandra Lee, as she was done running here and there to search for the best doctor for her treatment. Margarita explained more about the lump and said that it wasn't hurting her, but it was bothering her. She even mentioned that she always wore fitted clothes before this lump, but she has to wear loose clothes to hide it after having this lump.

On the other hand, Dr Sandra Lee was a bit concerned about the vein in the lump. She was scared that accidentally cutting the vein could lead to massive blood loss that could cause problems for Margarita. However, Dr Sandra Lee successfully removed the lump by slicing it into two halves and taking out all the collected puss-like mass. Margarita was delighted as she could now wear all her fitted clothes and flaunt her body without any shame.

As soon as the episode ended, fans started tweeting their opinions about the show. A fan tweeted, "That's a big lipoma and the vein is still in the skin gotta get rid of extra skin for Margarita to tighten up now it's safe #DrPimplePopper." Another fan tweeted,"Looks like a bouncing rubber ball. Goes back deep in there. If she would not have waited so many years would it if have gotten this big? #drpimplepopper." Another fan tweeted,"The old 3rd boob excuse @DrPimplePopper @TLC." A fan jokingly called it as 'hide-it-in-boobs technique,""The old, 'hide-it-in-the-boobs' routine." #drsandralee is amazing #drpimplepopper."





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