Dr. Oz gets Duane 'The Dog' Chapman to quit smoking months after he lost wife Beth to lung cancer

Dr. Oz gets Duane 'The Dog' Chapman to quit smoking months after he lost wife Beth to lung cancer
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In a clip of coming Monday's episode of 'Dr. Oz', acquired by the Daily Mail, reality TV star Duane Chapman has promised to give up smoking while he was discussing his health.

Chapman, popularly known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, lost his wife in June earlier this year to lung cancer.

In September, Chapman was hospitalized with chest pains and was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism. 

Following his diagnosis, Dr. Mehmet Oz staged an intervention for Chapman through his eponymous talk show, telling Chapman that he is "a ticking time bomb", and convinced Chapman to seek treatment for his diagnosis and switch to a healthy diet. 

In the new episode of 'Dr. Oz', Chapman talked about his smoking and confronted the issues he's been dealing with following Beth Chapman's death.

In the clip, Dr. Oz is seen telling Chapman, "When I see a man who's able to do the things he wants to do in life, raise solid kids, be in love with a woman with all your heart, be successful in your day job, catching folks, being a TV star. I mean, the things you want to do, Dog, you do well."

Reality television personality Duane "Dog" Chapman (L) and wife Beth Chapman arrive at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards at the Avalon Hollywood club on September 24, 2008, in Hollywood California (Getty Images)

Dr. Oz tells Chapman that he's more worried about the latter's reason for smoking and reminds him that he is a role model for many people, adding that should Chapman decide to quit smoking, many may follow in his footsteps.

Chapman, on his part, seems to take Dr. Oz's advice to heart and tells the latter that he is going to stop smoking. 

On Tuesday, October 29, on what would have been Beth Chapman's 52nd birthday, Chapman reportedly spent the day alone at home in Denver, crying.


According to TMZ, a source told them that "he spent the entire time indoors, going through photos of Beth and himself."

Beth was diagnosed with Stage 2 throat cancer in 2017 after she went to the doctor after persistent bouts of coughing. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor in the same year. However, in November 2018, she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. In June this year, Beth Chapman passed away at the age of 51, four days after being placed in a medically-induced coma.

On Beth Chapman's birthday this year, her husband was active on social media and posting clips of her from their reality show, 'Dog's Most Wanted'. He reportedly called their children and many of his late wife's friends to talk about the positive impact Beth had on their lives.


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