'Dr Mercy' Episode 2: Joseph and Rachel bid goodbye to their skin issues

The second episode of 'Dr Mercy' saw Joseph with a gigantic lipoma on the nape of his neck and Rachel, who has excessive hair growth

                            'Dr Mercy' Episode 2: Joseph and Rachel bid goodbye to their skin issues
Dr Mercy Odueyungbo on 'Dr Mercy' (TLC)

Episode 2 of 'Dr Mercy', Dr Mercy Odueyungbo saw three patients, two of which stood out. There was Joseph, who has a gigantic lipoma on the nape of his neck, and Rachel, who has excessive hair growth on her face due to PCOS. 

Most patients with skin disorders have gone through a lot of dark episodes in their life. More often than not, they are highly insecure, embarrassed and dejected and don't know how to come out of that shell. Dr Mercy, both as a person and a medical professional seeks to be of help to those in distress. She handles her patients with the utmost care, lets them be comfortable and shares their stories. Every one of her patients leaves her clinic being their most confident self, smiling and ready to live life again to their fullest.


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1) Joseph

Episode 2 proceeded with Joseph's lipoma being the center of attention. It causes extreme difficulties in his day-to-day tasks. Even still, he'd do all that he wanted, sporting a smile on his face! He'd even constantly wear hoodies to try and cover the huge bump on the back of his neck. As per usual in these cases, Joseph's mother, Antonia, added that a tiny hump that went unnoticed has now become her son's only source of insecurity. He has also stayed away from the dating scene for the longest time due to this big obstacle in his life. Both of them come to Dr Mercy for hope and with one look at his back, Dr Mercy is determined to squeeze out that lipoma! She notices that the lipoma is fibrous and so entangled with muscle, she can feel his spinal cord. Performing the surgery is like delivering a baby, according to Dr Mercy. She removed the entire chunk and was proud to have left no lipoma behind and completed his treatment in just one sitting. We see a happy and confident Joseph at the end, setting fire to his old hoodies.

A before and after of Joseph's lipoma (TLC)

2) Rachel

Next in line at the Lilly Dermatology clinic is Rachel. She has excessive facial hair growth (for which people mistake her to be a man) due to hormonal imbalance caused by Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It is a common condition that affects how a woman's ovaries work; Rachel had one of hers removed. The condition affects her menstrual cycle, she doesn't get her period at all, if not induced by medication. Rachel noticed her sideburns grow longer as a kid, but they got more prominent when she reached puberty. Dr Mercy gets a better understanding of Rachel's case and suggests they start with laser hair removal treatment right away. In the process, laser burns the actively growing hair follicles, stopping their growth at the budding stage. Dr Mercy proceeds by applying ultrasound gel onto Rachel's face to help the laser slide better. This way, the hair follicles will shrink, falling out within a few days to a week's time. 

After the treatment, we see a teary-eyed Rachel whose confidence shows on her face, as she talks to Dr Mercy about planning her wedding! Dr Mercy adds that Rachel will be requiring a total of 8 sessions, every 4-6 weeks, so we can expect to see her more on the show. She is over the moon to go dress shopping and invites Dr Mercy to attend as well!

Rachel (TLC)

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