Who is Dr Chau Lee? Meet ‘Unpolished’ star Bria Martone and Matt Mancuso's hilarious ‘honeymoon baby’ doctor

Dr Lee's annoyance reflected on her face after Matt couldn't wrap his head around ovulation and her words brought fits of laughter among fans

                            Who is Dr Chau Lee? Meet ‘Unpolished’ star Bria Martone and Matt Mancuso's hilarious ‘honeymoon baby’ doctor
Dr. Chau Lee, Bria and Matt Mancuso (TLC)

Matt Mancuso and Bria Martone's wedding preparations are in full swing on episodes of Season 2 of 'Unpolished'. They got married in September 2020 and they've shared photos from their special day on Instagram. If you remember, the camera crew of their TLC show documented the entire ceremony and all the drama that could've conspired on the day.

Die-hard Matt and Bria fans are now waiting with bated breath to see the days leading up to this event unfold on Season 2 which is currently on the air. Our best guess is that the wedding episode will be the season finale... until then, there's a lot that's happening otherwise on the show to keep everyone hooked.


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The Martones already turn heads with their sass on the show. Love them or hate them but you just can't ignore them and now, there's another woman — a doctor dubbed as OBGYN Dr Lee — who is stealing hearts in the upcoming episode. Wondering who is Bria Martone and Matt Mancuso's doctor? Read on.

Dr. Lee, OBGYN (TLC)


Who is OBGYN Dr Lee? 

The Internet is a gift that keeps on giving, truly it does. Have you been searching for who Dr Lee ever since the trailer for the episode was released on TLC's official Instagram? We put on our detective glasses and found out all the scoop about Dr Lee. If you are someone who's ticking to go in for a consultation, your search ends here. Born as Dr Chau H Lee, she did her medical schooling at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and for her Internship, she chose Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, Brooklyn

Dr Lee holds NY State Medical Licence and going by her bio online, she completed her residency at Bridgeport Hospital in Connecticut. The building where Bria and Matt drove to was East Northport Medical Care. Apart from that, Dr Lee is also affiliated with Huntington Hospital, New York. 

Matt Mancuso and Dr Lee in a still from 'Unpolished' (TLC)

What did Dr Lee say about Matt Mancuso?

Bria and Matt turned up at Dr Lee's office to discuss their "honeymoon baby" plans. Their wedding was fast approaching during the time they shot this last year and the two wanted to "have a baby right away" and wanted help to understand what steps they could take to realize this dream. Suggesting "timed intercourse", Dr Lee explained the term saying, "You know that you have a 28-day cycle that means you ovulate on day 14." She continued explaining, "Around that day, every other day, you have intercourse just once. That will help improve your chances of getting pregnant."

In a tongue-in-cheek moment, Dr Lee joked that Matt should not "masturbate on the side or have sex elsewhere." Even after a detailed explanation from Dr Lee, Matt couldn't wrap his head around the subject and misunderstood the instructions. "Let's say your period ends, right, then that next day is the best day?" From the trailer, one could tell that Dr Lee had given up and Bria had to step in to explain to her then-fiance what would be the best day for them to have sex. This was a rather serious discussion for them, however, after exiting the doctor's office, the two made light of what happened while they were there. "I guess there is science behind the sex-every-other-day thing," Matt said with a slight grin. 

Dr. Lee, OBGYN in a still from 'Unpolished' (TLC)

Still reeling from Matt's questions and theories (one being, that the position of the partner could decide the sex of the baby), Dr. Lee looked clearly drained and happy that the consultation was over. "Matt may not understand conception counseling very much. In comparison to other dads, he may understand it even less well," she said failing to hide her perplexed mood.

Fans who saw the trailer found her expressions really funny. She looked like she was already waiting for Matt and Bria to walk out of the room and this last bit that Dr Lee mentioned about Matt's ability to understand ovulation was something that made a lot of fans laugh. "Omg the doctor is hilarious!" commented a fan. "The doctor was awesome!" wrote another in the comment section. "Dr Lee is a whole mood," wrote another. "At least they’re seeing the best doctor on Long Island! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼" read another comment. 




What do Dr Lee's patients say about her? 

Dr. Lee has 14 public reviews (which can be accessed here) about her services on Google and they prove she's perceived to have a distinctive sense of humor. "I am her patient right now and I am loving her. She is very straight forward but at the same time, she is funny and very caring. She won’t just say something for no reason. I would recommend her to anyone." wrote one of her patients.

"Dr. Lee very professional and supportive. She took care of my wife. She is unconditionally understanding and treats her patients with outstanding dignity and kindness. She also has a kick-ass sense of humor, one of my favorite doctors," wrote another. There's also one that again mentions that she has a funny bone but in a negative way. "Didn't answer my questions (would not communicate properly and just answered with jokes) or gave us any information, kept asking us "anything else"? As we would know lol changed my doctor and would not recommend her, unless you have the patience for her jokes," read the review. 

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