Who is Douglas Glenn? OPM honcho's sexist, racist past surfaces

Who is Douglas Glenn? OPM honcho's sexist, racist past surfaces
Douglas Glenn is the Chief Financial Officer at the Office of Personnel Management (Office of Personnel Management)

SAN FRANSISCO, CALIFORNIA: Douglas Glenn, the Chief Financial Officer at the Office of Personnel Management, has been accused of mistreating his subordinates. He reportedly had "failed to treat subordinates with dignity and respect." The CFO has been accused on various grounds, including making sexually suggestive comments, using racist terms, and drinking with his staff during work hours.


According to Daily Mail, Glenn had called a female employee a "hot blonde," and then explained to another that he "hoped some studly guy would be rubbing oil on her back at the beach." The financial expert had also used the N-word in a meeting with his staff.


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Douglas Glenn is accused of mistreating employees ( Office of Personnel Management)
Douglas Glenn has been accused of mistreating employees (Office of Personnel Management)


Who is Douglas Glenn?

Glenn became the CFO of the Office of Personnel Management in 2021. His LinkedIn suggests that he has worked as a manager with KPMG Audit. Later, he joined the DCFO of the General Services Administration. Meanwhile, he assumed his role as AGA DC president and also served as director of the Financial Management Division of NASA.

Further, Glenn rendered his service as deputy CFO and director of the Office of Financial Management in the Department of Interior. He then later worked as deputy CFO of the Department of Defense for three years. He was the principal advisor to the Defense CFO, as well as other senior leaders, on all issues involving financial management reforms. 


According to the Office of Personnel Management, "A champion in raising awareness of the value that the Government financial industry provides every day, Doug is a native of San Diego and began his professional journey as a CPA. He has coauthored procedures listed in Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Bulletin No. 07-04, “Audit Requirements for Federal Financial Statements,” and portions of the OMB Circular A-123 Implementation Guide. In addition, he co-chaired OMB Circular A-136 committees from 2008 to 2010."

In 2013, former president Barack Obama explained his experiences of racism and also people locking their car doors as he passed. However, Glenn then stated in a meeting with his colleagues, "doors 'might not have been racist' or had other reasons for locking them." His coworkers then stated that his remarks "made them and other subordinates feel appalled, surprised, betrayed, stunned, and very confused, and that it was an inappropriate and insensitive thing to say." "Who are the people in the car that are locking their doors?" Glenn told the inspector general's staff. 


Further, he added,  "Maybe they're racists. Maybe they're looking at a Black man and assuming there's a high potential for being robbed or maybe they're just following National Highway Administration guidelines to lock your doors when you drive. It could be either.''

Allegations against Glenn

Glenn has also been accused of drinking with colleagues during working hours, He accepted that he used to keep drinks in the office with him. At another staff meeting solely focusing on diversity and inclusion, Glenn used the N-word and later confirmed the same. He admitted to using racial slurs but claimed that he intended to "highlight the different reactions he received" and to explain why it is difficult to discuss race.

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