'Doubling Down with The Derricos': Fans support Darian's 'clever' effort to get license

'Doubling Down with The Derricos': Fans support Darian's 'clever' effort to get license
Darian on 'Doubling Down with The Derricos' (TLC)

For 'Doubling Down With the Derricos' stars, Karen and Deon, their focus is on ensuring that their kids are articulate and independent adults. While having 14 kids means that there is a long way until they've all left the nest, some of the older children are now hitting major milestones.

A lot has been going on in the Derricos' lives since they got back from South Carolina. With their move still in the works, GGs health and Karen's miscarriage, it seems as though the family is trying to get back on track. And it looks like Darian has her own agenda, now that she's back in Vegas. 

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Darian, the oldest Derrico child, has had her eye on getting her driver's permit for a while now. While she tried her best to convince Deon to get her a car, he is certainly on the fence about the whole situation. However, Darian is more than ready to get out on her own.

Fans found Darian's reasoning rather hilarious, seeing that she was determined to get a license. "Darrian is going to fast with her life #doublingdownwiththederricos #TheDERRICOs" tweeted a fan. "Yearning for companionship." Kids say the funniest things #doublingdownwiththederricos" tweeted a fan. "Yearning for companionship" at the age of 15! Darian has 14 other companions that she can have companionship with lol  #TheDerricos #doublingdownwiththederricos" tweeted a fan. "Clever clever @DarianDerrico win win situation. #checkmate "would you rather me drive or have a boyfriend" - Dai #TheDerricos #doublingdownwiththederricos @DEONDERRICO @karenederrico" added a fan. 









However, a few fans understood Darian's need to get a driver's license and why she was trying so hard to get one. "Darian is screaming for independence #doublingdownwiththederricos" said a fan. "#doublingdownwiththederricos What's the point of not letting Darian grow up?! That's the point-moving your children to be independent." added another.





While Darian was all set to get her permit, she, unfortunately, failed her test and was unable to secure her permit. Darian was down in the dumps as she was upset over her failure. However, her entire family was supportive and encouraged her to try again while telling her not to be too hard on herself.

Season 3 of 'Doubling Down With the Derricos' airs on TLC on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET.

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