Trump's viral pic showing remarkable weight loss slammed as 'fake as hell'

Social media is in disbelief that the former president actually lost 15 pounds as of April 2021

                            Trump's viral pic showing remarkable weight loss slammed as 'fake as hell'
Donald Trump as seen in 2020 (L); Trump as seen in a photo posted on September 1, 2021 (Joshua Roberts/Getty Images, Twitter: @SeanParnellUSA)

Donald Trump generated quite a buzz with what looks like a significant weight loss in a recent photo. But a week after the photo was shared with the public, many on social media are claiming that the transformation looks "fake as hell". That wasn't all; people have also speculated that the slimmed down look is an extension of rumors surrounding the former president gearing up for a 2024 reelection run. 

Trump recently made headlines as news of him hosting the Triller Fight Club boxing match between Evander Holyfield vs Vitor Belfort went viral. His wife Melania Trump has also been in the news recently as sources revealed the former first lady has no interest in returning to the White House despite Trump hinting at the possibility of a run. But even with so much buzzing about the Trump family, social media can't seem to get over the one photo where the 45th president seemed to have ditched his signature orange tan.


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According to Business Insider, Trump lost a total of 15 pounds by April this year thanks to a weight loss lifestyle of a healthier diet and frequent golf games. And then came the viral photo taken last week where Trump posed next to Pennsylvania candidate Sean Parnell, who had originally shared the pic on Twitter. The photo shows Trump standing next to Parnell, who can be seen giving a thumbs-up sign in front of a stack of books. Parnell captioned the tweet: “It’s time to Win Pennsylvania and Save America. Let’s roll.”

But social media chose to roll instead with how fake the photo is. “This photo is fake as Hell lol,” wrote a user replying to Parnell's photo shared on September 1. Another chimed in saying, “Holy f*** that's a lot of photoshop." Another claimed: "Maybe they fixed up that Madame Tussaud version lol." One more suggested this was clearly a "Body double". 






Not everybody was full of doubt though, as one tweeted: "Trump is totally losing some weight." The former president's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, further added to speculations of weight loss by replying to conservative journalist Jack Posobiec who had initially written: “How is he getting younger?” According to The Sun, Don Jr wrote in his tweet, “There’s some truth to this. He takes the stress and it fuels him, and in all fairness, he took more crap than any other president times about 1000. Others can’t handle it and they age 20 years overnight.”

But Don Jr's comments regarding his daddy's looks was met with equal criticism. "Fake photo. There are books in the background. Can't be trump," declared one. Another weighed in saying: "People out here saying that Trump looks so good in that fake photo because the presidency is stressful and leaving the job improved his health. Y'all do know that he barely did any presidential duties, right?" Others argued that his hair coiffed in the wrong direction, slightly higher up on the right side of the photo, was a "telltale sign of photo shop."