Trump 'doesn't understand what love is', says niece Mary after Jan 6 crowd remark

Trump recently claimed that there was 'love in that crowd' at the Stop the Steal rally

                            Trump 'doesn't understand what love is', says niece Mary after Jan 6 crowd remark
Donald Trump is believed to be aiming for 2024 run (Douglas P DeFelice/Getty Images)

Mary Trump, Donald Trump's niece, has said that the former president "doesn't understand" love. The 56-year-old psychologist made the assessment while talking to MSNBC’s Alex Witt, who asked her about Trump's recent claims about there being "love in that crowd" at the Stop the Steal rally before the Capitol riot.

"I think he doesn’t understand what that word means, honestly,” Mary said. “And I’m not kidding. I really do not believe that Donald Trump understands what love is, what it feels like to love somebody or to be loved. Because nobody who does understand that concept could possibly equate the violence, the vitriol, the racism, the anti-American sentiments that were expressed on January 6th during that violent insurrection could possibly confuse it with anything resembling love,” she added.


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On Sunday, Witt and Mary were talking about Trump's efforts to regain his position in the Oval Office. She said Trump will not stop in his efforts to remain the leader of the Republican Party and regain the US presidency. Mary was also asked about Trump’s remarks during the “history tour” in Houston the previous day, where he again claimed falsely that he sent 10,000 troops to the Capitol during the 6 January riots.
Mary said her uncle was being given an opportunity to “muddy the waters” and he was focused on becoming the president once again.

"My reaction is pretty much what it always is every time I hear Donald lying and obfuscating and continuing to get away with his lies, is that he will stoop to nothing. There is no bottom here and he's very mindful that he is being given an opportunity to continue to muddy the waters and quite honestly rewrite history which is an incredibly dangerous moment for this country. And he's not doing it for any other reason than that he believes it will allow him to continue to stay the leader of the Republican Party and maybe even regain power in this country."

The host felt that this detailed reply by Mary Trump was an 'extraordinary statement'

Netizens' reactions

Here is a hilarious reaction shared by a Twitter user. 


Another Twitter user trying to explain Trump's point of view said, "I believe he equates love with loyalty and by that I mean loyalty only to him. He does not reciprocate that loyalty because in his mind only he counts in this world. No one else matters."

Someone else said, "That's the problem. In his own mind, he's not miserable. He thinks he's winning." Being as blunt as Mary, another user said, "Mary Trump is right." Another one added, "Sure knows how to love himself though !"