Trump hopes to build $2B presidential library with donation from supporters, Internet says 'more like liebrary'

Former associates of the president however believe that it will be difficult for Trump to raise that kind of money after the Capitol riots

                            Trump hopes to build $2B presidential library with donation from supporters, Internet says 'more like liebrary'
Donald Trump (Getty Images)

President Donald Trump is reportedly telling his supporters and his benefactors that he wants to raise $2 billion for a presidential library and museum in his name. His term in the Oval Office will end next week and he is likely to move to Florida permanently. Every president since Herbert Hoover has had presidential libraries established in their honor in their home state where documents, artifacts, gifts of state, and museum exhibits are maintained that reflect and relate to the former president's life, including political and professional career. Over the years, millions of public and private dollars, as well as manpower, has been spent systematizing these institutions, and in this economy, it's said that Trump still wants to raise the amount needed to build these monuments in his honor, Washington Post reported. 

The WaPo report further states that Trump envisions it to be run by his social media director Dan Scavino who more recently started working for the president in the capacity of deputy chief of staff. Last week, Scavino told administration officials to hold their "heads high" and be "proud" of what they've achieved during Trump's term in office, according to Fox News. "I encourage all Trump Administration Officials to hold your heads up high, and be proud of what you have accomplished together, over the past four years, for the American People," he wrote on Facebook. "While cancel culture kicks into high gear, and blacklisting of our names for future employment is underway, stay strong, and we will all prevail!" he further added


The cost to build a library that Trump wants is going to cost more than any of the other presidential libraries but reportedly he believes that the money can be raised via small-dollar donations from grassroots campaign among supporters. However, former associates of the president feel that it will be difficult for him to do so especially after the violence that transpired at the US Capitol on January 6 endangering the lives of many congressmen as well as the policemen standing guard.

“I thought to myself, what is this alternative fantasy life you’re living? I have no clue where they think they’ll get this money raised. Anyone who gives to him will be radioactive,” an unknown fundraiser told the outlet about the plans. 

People on Twitter too shared their thoughts about this establishment that the president hopes is built in the future. "Umm, dude doesn't read. Dude doesn't work. Dude hasn't accomplished anything. What's he gonna put in a presidential library? Comic books? Golf magazines?" tweeted a user. "Why does Trump need a Presidential library? He hasn't read any books or written any," tweeted another. "Also, should a twice impeached president have a presidential library or should it be called an unpresidential library?" read another tweet. "Please stop with the presidential library bullshit. We need money for citizens to eat and have free healthcare. Don the Con can have his library in federal prison," wrote another user. Redditors too have joined in the discussion and one particular comment that stuck out to most on a thread read, "More like liebrary".








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