Want a MAGA hat? Trump offers to sign merch for donation, Internet asks if 'he's kidding'

Limited edition signed hat will cost between $25 to $250 while unsigned version available for $40 via Donald Trump's website

                            Want a MAGA hat? Trump offers to sign merch for donation, Internet asks if 'he's kidding'
A Trump supporter wears an oversize "MAGA" at Southern New Hampshire University Arena on February 10, 2020, in Manchester, New Hampshire. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Former President Donald Trump is once again the butt of all jokes after releasing a new MAGA hat for his fans. Over the weekend on August 7 and 8, Trump sent out a fundraising email to his supporters announcing the new hat, designed him and with his signature. If you want the limited edition merch, it'll come with a donation of at least $25, or up to $250. An unsigned version is available for $40 via his website. 

Ever since he first ran for President, Trump's 'Make America Great Again' hats have become an icon. The red-colored headwear has dominated his rallies, and protests in the years since. It's also become a source of great contention. In February 2019, a California school district banned the hat, which led one student to call it a violation of the First Amendment. A year later, a retired NYPD cop was punched at his birthday party after a guest confused his hat for a MAGA one. In October 2020, a 15-year-old in Utah was bullied and spat at for wearing a MAGA hat to school.


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Trump's Make America Great Again slogan has become so popular, the acronym has effectively become a word of its own, and a calling sign of sorts for Trump supporters. Over the years, the red hat has seen various versions, including a 'Save America' model earlier this year. Now, it's got a fresh lick of paint with a gold outline, which Trump claims is for his "most LOYAL supporters".

Donald Trump hugs rapper Kanye West during a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House on October 11, 2018, in Washington, DC. (Oliver Contreras - Pool/Getty Images)

How to get the new MAGA hat?

The hat itself is quite new. Instead of spelling out Make America Great Again as old versions have, it simply uses the acronym MAGA. The word is spelled out in white, edged in gold. According to the ex-POTUS, he turned designer himself for this one. "I just designed our BRAND NEW MAGA Hat and I want YOU to have it," he said in his email. There are two versions of the hat available - an unsigned version that costs $40 and a signed version that requires a donation. 

You can pick up the unsigned version now from Trump's merch store. It's called the 'Special Edition MAGA hat', as opposed to the earlier versions, which have now been renamed 'Classic MAGA hat' and 'MAGA 45 hat'. The signed version though isn't for everyone. It's not available in the store just yet, and can only be ordered from Trump's email. He says, "You’ve always been one of my most LOYAL supporters, so I don’t want you to have just ANY hat… I want YOU to have the MAGA Hat that I personally HAND-SIGNED for YOU." That signature will require a donation of $25, 50, $100, or $250.

"Our movement isn’t slowing down, in fact, it’s only speeding up," the email concluded. "That’s why I wanted to design a NEW HAT for all of our best supporters." It's unclear if Trump will be wearing his new design at his next campaign-style rally in Alabama later in August. Irrespective of that, it certainly seems like a lot of his supporters will. Ever since 2016, the MAGA hats have become a pop culture icon, featuring widely in the media and even in Spike Lee's 2020 film 'Da 5 Blood'. 

A screenshot of the new MAGA hat on Trump's website. (Save America website)

'If screaming was a hat...'

While Trump supporters may be thrilled to get their hands on a Trump-designed item, the wider internet didn't seem to be too pleased. "Trump supporter: "Dont you dare raise my taxes even a nickel!" Also Trump supporter: "This special edition January 6 MAGA hat only cost me $46 and shipping!" one person tweeted. Another said, "Why don't we defund fat daddio instead? He claimed to be the "designer" of an updated MAGA hat. Is he kidding? He is no closer to being a designer than he is to being a candidate with political experience. And his hat is UGLY, just like fat daddio & 1992 pics of Epstein & DJT."




One user said, "First the cards, now the Hat, the Grift that lives for ever. Wanna bet the hays are made in China. The Fat Orange Traitor will ring every penny he can from the Cultists. Poor Bastards." One person commented, "If screaming was a hat…." Another joked, "Shoulda printed Loooooooser on it."




The hat is clear Trump is serious about remaining a political force in the years to come, and could possibly be gearing up for a run in 2024. It's also an interesting shift in passion for the ex-President, who is not exactly known for his sense of style. Design has been a strong forte for his daughter Ivanka, who ran her own fashion brand until 2018 when she closed it to focus on her father's presidency.

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