#DojaCatIsOverParty trends as internet rallies to cancel singer over racist slur and song 'Dindu Nothin'

#DojaCatIsOverParty trends as internet rallies to cancel singer over racist slur and song 'Dindu Nothin'
Doja Cat (Getty Images)

Fans want to cancel the 'Say So' singer yet again. However, it seems like she may not be forgiven this time! #DojaCatIsOverParty has been trending on Twitter after Doja Cat allegedly made racist comments that have crossed the line this time. Although she’s being subjected to extreme criticism for intentionally being racist, various theories surrounding the issue have been swirling the internet. 

A majority of social media users have shared a video of her participating in a video conference call with a few men during which she allegedly spoke ill of the black community while talking about not wanting to belong to a particular race herself. For the uninitiated, Doja Cat whose real name is Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini was born to a white American mother of Jewish heritage and a South African father. 

Several users have expressed disappointment in the singer for mocking the black community despite being biracial. The rest of the comments surrounding #dojacatisoverparty focus on her song 'Dindu Nuffin' which has received major backlash for being extremely racist. Although the lyrics don’t mention anything offensive, the title alone, which is often used to address innocent African-Americans who face the brunt of police brutality, has irked fans. 

One user noted, "#dojacatisoverparty is trending bc she was on some video chat site talking to racists and laughing to their racist jokes, talked abt not wanting to b black but at least she’s thick, has a song called dindu nothin which (a phrase that mocks police brutality victims)." Another added, "She's biracial I think. There are far too many ppl with Black heritage that think and act as she does. I never listen to her or her type of music. Now I don't have to feel bad about it. I can tell her." 

Meanwhile, some fans who have had enough of celebrities being canceled over the most random trends came to her defense. "Everyone keeps talking about a thread but this is the only thread and there’s no video and the video I saw is only her talking to men about her comment on lanas post so I’m just confused," wrote one. Some of them even suggested that the singer is planning on releasing another song with a similar title and the N-word. "She also apparently has a song coming out soon 'ain't shit'. Shocker!"

One agitated user shared, "White noise gonna get cancelled." However, she hasn’t responded to any of the comments directed at her. Knowing how vocal and active she is on social media, taking into consideration the previous instances where fans wanted to cancel her for different reasons and how it all unfolded, we could soon expect a reaction from her end.

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