'She would be p***ed': Dog the Bounty Hunter slams fake Beth Chapman t-shirts being sold, warns fans against buying them

Beth Chapman's family has warned her fans not to buy any unauthorized merchandise featuring her and say she would be p****d if she found out about it.

                            'She would be p***ed': Dog the Bounty Hunter slams fake Beth Chapman t-shirts being sold, warns fans against buying them

Dog the Bounty Hunter is furious with online retailers who sold unauthorized t-shirts with pictures of his late wife Beth Chapman on them. The 51-year-old reality star passed away after an 18-month-long fight with lung and throat cancer on Wednesday, June 26. Many retailers have been trying to capitalize on her death since then by selling t-shirts featuring her photo, along with lines like, "Rest with the angels" and 'Dog's Most Wanted."

A naturally enraged Dog, who is grieving her loss, has warned his followers and fans against buying these products. He tweeted, "Any t-shirts with Beth’s likeness not from thebountystore is not authorized," adding, “Please do not buy these t-shirts, please report these ads and tag Bonnie if you see them.” Further, he requested, "Please report ALL of these shirts for Beth’s memorial. They are not from us. Only authorized merch is on.”


Beth and Dog's daughter Bonnie also requested her followers to tag her in the ads and merchandise featuring her mother. She said, "We did not authorize any of this, Mom would be p****d.” Their fans are definitely paying attention, calling the "vultures" out, and slamming them on social media for trying to taint the memory of a woman they all loved. 

The Chapman family has been having a difficult time dealing with trolls and haters while they are dealing with their loss with Bonnie claiming that someone is trying to impersonate her on Instagram. "Great, now someone's pretending to be me on Instagram,” Bonnie shared on her story,  adding, “I should've to be dealing with this right now.”

Beth's first funeral service was held in Honolulu on Saturday, where, after a Hawaiian blessing, her family and friends paddled out from Fort DeRussy Beach and tossed flowers into the ocean in her memory. The reality star had planned it all out way before her death. Her husband Duane also gave a heartfelt speech to celebrate her life. The family is planning another funeral in Colorado, as per her wishes. 

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