Dog the Bounty Hunter says campsite poop, Walmart footage will lead to Brian Laundrie

Dog did not mention if anything on Walmart surveillance tape was useful, but he called a trash under a camera as a 'criminal smorgasbord'

                            Dog the Bounty Hunter says campsite poop, Walmart footage will lead to Brian Laundrie
Dog the Bounty Hunter has been hunting for Brian Laundrie (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images and Instagram/@gabspetito)

It has been two weeks since Dog the Bounty Hunter announced that he was conducting an independent search effort to locate Brian Laundrie, the missing boyfriend and person of interest in the case of Florida vlogger Gabby Petito's death. He has now shared his most enticing findings including Walmart surveillance video and poop at a campsite.

Sharing his revelations with The Sun on Friday, October 8, Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, said he's gained invaluable information that he believes will lead to Laundrie's capture. "Is he still alive? Oh yeah. Yeah, he's alive," Dog said. "Do they wish we thought he was dead? Oh yeah. Do they wish that we thought that his body was being eaten by alligators? Oh yeah." The longer that Laundrie remains on the run, Dog said that he is becoming more and more convinced that the 23-year-old is responsible for 22-year-old Petito's death. "In the beginning, I thought [Gabby's death] was not intentional - second degree involuntary [manslaughter]," he said. "Now, the way he's running, I think it's more than that."


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Petito and Laundrie had embarked on a cross-country trip back in July and on September 1, he returned home without her in the van they had traveled in together during the trip. Laundrie has reportedly not been seen since September 14 and was confirmed 'missing' on September 17. This led police to search the nearby Carlton Reserve for Laundrie, but with zero luck so far. Since then, Gabby's body has been discovered in a Wyoming park by the authorities. Teton County Coroner Dr Brent Blue confirmed the vlogger's death was a homicide but the immediate cause of death is still unclear as police are still waiting for the final autopsy results.

What Dog found through Walmart surveillance


In his efforts to locate Laundrie, Dog has been collecting surveillance video evidence. On Friday, he visited a Walmart where the manager granted him access to a 24-hour surveillance camera, he said. Although he did not mention if anything on the tape was useful to him, he did mention a trash can located under the camera as a "criminal smorgasbord."

Campsite fecal matter

Dog announced last week that he had discovered a campsite that could be potentially linked to Laundrie at the Fort de Soto campground. As to what made him arrive at that conclusion - it was fecal matter that he found at the site. He said that he was disappointed to learn that DNA could not be recovered from human feces. However, he added that there was still hope that toilet paper used in the act would have DNA on it.


Brian Laundrie's 'terrifying' social media activities

After going through Laundrie's Facebook page, Dog said that he discovered posts which were "dark" and "demonic." "What [my wife] Francie and I found on that Facebook is absolutely, I can say, terrifying," he said. "There are pictures of demonic angels standing there with the sword, and the throat bleeding. There is blood squirting from their eyes."

Dog's wife Francie got "goosebumps" when she saw the posts. "I hope the jury that sentences him does get a chance to see what he's like," he added. Laundrie also had a preferance for "serial killer books." "The books he read are unbelievable," he said. "This kid Brian has taken those books, obviously, to heart. This is what happens when your kid is looking at those kinds of things, it catches on, and it's demons and it's blood and it's this and it's that, look what that led to."
As a result, Dog believes that Laundrie "didn't just become a killer overnight," but rather became one through a culmination of "demonic" things. "A killer is made, and he is built, to be a killer," he said. "He built himself to be that by looking at the dark side stuff."

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