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DJ Scheme teases XXXTENTACION collab with Juice WRLD, fans wonder why Ally Lotti doubts track will ever release

A fan commented, 'No one announced sh*t all scheme said was that he’s was trying to get it out for us. emphasis on trying'
(L-R) XXXTentacion, Juice Wrld, DJ Scheme (Source: Getty Images)
(L-R) XXXTentacion, Juice Wrld, DJ Scheme (Source: Getty Images)

The highly anticipated posthumous XXXTENTACION and Juice WRLD collaboration 'Bad Vibes Forever-999' may not be coming out after all, if the recent tweets of Juice's girlfriend Ally Lotti are anything to go by.

DJ Scheme, a friend of Juice and a personal DJ for X, had teased the track on October 6 with a cryptic tweet. "Bad vibes 999," he wrote and added a winky face emoji.


Scheme then cemented his word on the collaboration with another tweet in reply to a fan who asked him directly to make sure the track sees the light of day. "Keep your word," said the fan and Scheme replied, "Working hard to make this happen as we speak."


Fast-forward to October 26, and Scheme has hinted once again that he is working on music dedicated to both XXXTENTACION and Juice WRLD, but whether or not it will be a collaborative song is unclear. Scheme recently revealed he has an album in the works: "Joey [Badass] helped me create such a beautiful record for my album."


A fan then asked him, "did you do anything on the album dedicated to jah?" to which Scheme replied, "Absolutely and Juice."


So, DJ Scheme is still confident about the track and we have yet to see the news of a possible release date for 'Bad Vibes Forever-999', but Ally Lotti has hopped on to her Twitter to explain that she thinks otherwise.

A fan asked Lotti recently for "any info on a possible release date?" and Lotti said, "doubt it’ll come out. I'm guessing if it was it would have already been. so idk but i have video from that night. J made two or three song a we were in a hotel room over seas."

She continued, “I was there when he recorded the verse for jah. This happened over a year and a half -two years ago yal. . this wasn’t new info.”

Over on DJ Scheme's Twitter, his followers are still hyped for the Juice-XXX track, but others on Lotti's are left confused and upset. "So why would they announce if they wouldn’t release," said a fan, to which another replied, "no one announced shit all scheme said was that he’s was trying to get it out for us. emphasis on trying."



One fan said, "But scheme promised tho :(" and added, "@DJSCHEME_ got some explaining to do." Another fan added, "WHY TF would they announce it then, this better not be no shit like Bibby and the LND Deluxe, were already annoyed."