DJ Khaled brutally fat-shamed as he 'sweats' from just yelling at NBA All-Star Weekend

DJ Khaled brutally fat-shamed as he 'sweats' from just yelling at NBA All-Star Weekend
DJ Khaled rehearsing before his performance at NBA All-Star Weekend (Photos by Instagram@djkhaled)

The annual three-day event of the NBA All-Star Weekend is currently underway in Cleveland and it, of course, got the attention of the internet. While LeBron James and Kevin Durant gear up to lock horns with their respective teams, DJ Khaled, was one of the artists who quickly reserved one of the top trending spots on Twitter over the weekend. Why do you ask?
Well, DJ Khaled was one of the headliners on Saturday, February 19 and we all know how he always creates buzz for his energetic performances. He pulled off the same stunt but looks like the crowd was not feeling it. The 46-year-old music producer, who is best known for his phrases like ‘We the Best’ and ‘Another One’, got fat-shamed by social media users after he continued yelling into the mic despite getting no attention from the crowd. The Internet brutally mocked DJ Khaled while they tried their best to enjoy Lil Baby’s performance. Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Gunna, Migos, and Mary J. Blige are other artists who are part of the line-up this year.
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DJ Khaled gets fat-shamed at NBA All-Star Weekend

DJ Khaled, who enjoys close to 30 million followers on Instagram, seemed excited about his performance at the mega event as he shared multiple posts from the venue. He even dropped a short clip where he can be seen talking to the camera during his rehearsal for the All-Star event. Speaking of him getting trolled, DJ Khaled did not come forward to react on the matter. The Louisiana native was massively trolled on the Internet last year when he performed to an empty venue during YouTubers vs TikTokers Battle of the Platforms.



‘DJ Khaled fat a** sweating from just screaming’

“When I'm in an annoying fat guy competition and my opponent is DJ Khaled”, said one user while body-shaming the rapper. Speaking on similar lines, another stated, “DJ khaled fat a** been working out for dang near 6 years and still weigh 350 pounds.” One shared, “What does DJ Khaled do besides yell and be fat?” Whereas, another posted, “DJ Khaled fat a** sweating from just screaming.”
The next one tweeted, “DJ Khaled fat a** gonna break the stage.” Meanwhile, one individual stated, “DJ Khaled is a fat f**k. I’d be pissed if I was an artist having him up there jumping around yelling.” One said, “DJ Khaled seems like one of the few people who have life figured out. Fat rich and no one really expects much from him”, as another chimed in, “I wanna be DJ Khaled so bad. Being a fat guy who is always inexplicably yelling at public events and making millions of dollars a year to do it is the American dream.” And, one user concluded, “Is DJ Khaled the most useless and annoying billionaire ever? Has to be. Fat f**k.”




















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