Disney+ 'Rennervations' Episode 1 Takeaway: Music bus inspiration for Chicago children

Disney+ 'Rennervations' Episode 1 Takeaway: Music bus inspiration for Chicago children
Jeremy Renner in 'Rennervations' (Disney+)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'Rennervations' graced us on Disney+ earlier today and has garnered love and attention from all over the world. Jeremy Renner's vision shines through the four-episode series. Each episode was shot in a different location, ranging from Renner's hometown of Reno to the home of deep dish pizza - Chicago. The series also takes us to the Mexican city of Cabo San Lucas, and India. Renner brings together his celebrity friends in each location, to help him bring out this dream of turning outdated automobiles into something that can help children all over the world.

The four-part series features Vanessa Hudgens, Anil Kapoor, Anthony Mackie, and Sebastian Yatra. Each episode tackles different issues, each involving children and helping the future of our world to achieve the highest of the highs, but with help in the most needed aspect of their lives. Smartly titled 'Rennervations', the show, co-directed by Zach Merk and Rupert Smith, follows the actor as he teams up with four different charities around the world to help restore vehicles that can be used for community service.


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Jeremy is a construction aficionado 

With passion in his backpack and a network that spreads across the globe, Jeremy Renner created a show that not only talks about passion but also purpose. During his recovery after the snowplow accident, he revealed that 'Rennervations' was the project that kept him going and became a force that made his swift recovery possible. His burning passion and love for children come out in the best way possible in the show. While it does throw more focus on the activist rather than the idea itself, Renner steps forward and scoops the series from falling into utter disappointment. 


Vanessa Hudgens in a still from 'Rennervations' (Disney+)
Vanessa Hudgens in a still from 'Rennervations' (Disney+)

Chicago and Vanessa Hudgens

The first episode starts with Chicago and the appearance of singer-actor Vanessa Hudgens. However, her statement - "music is everything," rings like a pre-rehearsed response. That said, the episode isn't about Hudgens but the children at The BASE Chicago, an organization that offers various after-school programs to help keep urban youths off the streets in the city's West Garfield Park neighborhood. For the children and to inspire them to dream bigger, Jeremy converts a tour bus into a mobile music outlet to encourage them to express themselves by finding their inner voice. 

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 Jeremy Renner's 'Rennervations' Episode 1 Review: Music bus inspiration for Chicago children