How did Josephine Johnny die? Rapper dead at 45, fans say 'heaven gonna be lit'

Josephine Johnny was a bounce rapper who made a huge impact in the 90’s

                            How did Josephine Johnny die? Rapper dead at 45, fans say 'heaven gonna be lit'
Josephine Johnny in a still from 'Workin It Sumthin' (Photo by [email protected])

2021 seems to be ending on a sad note for the hip-hop fans as rapper Josephine Johnny breathed his last. It is unclear when the hip-hop artist passed away but the news comes 10 days after 50-year-old rapper Bunny Hop died. Josephine Johnny was 45 at the time of his death. Social media users expressed shock and concern over the rapper’s death and remembered both Johnny and Hop.
Speaking of rappers dying this year, artist VNZA was shot and killed in Missouri back in June. Brooklyn rapper Supa Gates too faced a similar fate after he was shot multiple times at St John’s Place near Troy Avenue in Crown Heights on April 11. Chicago rapper KTS Dre too made the headlines after he was shot 64 times on his head and other parts of his body in July 2021. Bay Area rapper Mike Darole was another hip-hop artist who was fatally shot during an attempted robbery in May 2021.
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Josephine Johnny in a still from his song 'Classic' (Photo by [email protected] REUP!)


How did Josephine Johnny die?

The cause behind Josephine Johnny’s death is still unknown. None of his family members or close friends shared an official statement over his death. MEAWW will keep you posted. Josephine Johnny was a bounce rapper who made a significant impact in the 90’s. However, he did not get the appreciation and recognition he deserved. He was best known for his songs like ‘Workin It Sumthin’, ‘Classic’, and ‘Shorty In That Thong’ among a few others.
Josephine Johnny was confined to a wheelchair after a tumor was removed from his spine. The rapper had also faced legal trouble when he was detained way back in 2015 in a connection to an alleged shooting but he was deemed too unwell to be booked in jail.



‘Heaven gonna be lit, says Twitter

Social media users were in for a shock as soon as they got to know about the rapper’s untimely death. “I was a sophomore at Howard in DC and us kids from New Orleans made the campus sick of this dance.  May Josephine Johnny rest well”, said one fan as another posted, “If yo school band never did the Josephine Johnny You really Missed out on a Era.”
The next one shared, “Man heaven gonna be lit. God got thriller , Josephine Johnny and the bunny hop man.” Whereas, one added, “First bunny hop now Josephine johnny…..lord.” One individual tweeted, “Just had my kids looking at me crazy. Saw Josephine Jonny passed away and was playing bounce music I grew up on. His music was is part of some of my best memories. R.I.P. Josephine Johnny.” Another stated, “I have a veryyyyy vivid memory from my childhood of my daddy hitting the Josephine Johnny at a party. I know his a** prolly don’t even remember that lmao”, as one concluded, “First da bunny hop man now josephine johnny yea 2021 you showing out bi**h!”














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