'Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story' Episode 6 Review: The legal battle sees Dan get what he wanted

Before, she just had bad words for Linda, but with Betty purchasing a gun at the end of the episode, we wonder if this was when she saw Linda as a target

                            'Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story' Episode 6 Review: The legal battle sees Dan get what he wanted
Rachel Keller (USA Network)

Spoilers for 'Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story'

In the new episode titled 'The Twelfth of Never,' we see Betty Broderick (Amanda Peet) get stripped of everything as her ex-husband Dan Broderick drags her through a legal battle that leaves her desperate with sparse resources.

We see Betty leave jail having completed her court-ordered six days, and then come home to a newspaper clipping showcasing Dan and Linda Kolkena's (Rachel Keller) upcoming wedding with the words 'Eat Your Heart Out B***h' plastered on it with red ink which she believes was sent to her by Linda. The episode might be the most legal centric one we've seen so far, as we see Betty and Dan battle it out in court to settle on the division of property, spousal support and custody of their minor children.

'Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story' (USA Network)

'The Twelfth of Never' really solidified Dan as a character, showing viewers what he's capable of and how he can easily get his way due to his wealth and intelligence. Using the legal battle, the series brings Betty and Dan in the same room talking, which was an interesting take since we haven't seen the duo converse in the same room for a while. With Betty choosing to represent herself with support from her friends at HALT (Help Abolish Legal Tyranny), we see her trying to move forward in a legal battle where Dan seems to want to continue to poke the bear. To Betty, the world of law was an unknown space, and even though the judge had tried to help her plead her case, she had lost to her ex-husband. 

Although Betty hadn't won, the episode served the purpose of reinstating the fact that Dan had almost turned Betty insane. We were shown how when Betty and Dan's eldest daughter graduated, Linda was brought to the graduation. Betty had hoped Dan would have understood how she would have felt, "He'll talk to me he'll be nice to me today," she had thought.

Denying Betty's desperate mental state would be delusional, as we saw her taunt Linda by clicking pictures of her at the graduation — creepily, from behind plants. This episode served to showcase the ability of people in high positions to manipulate the court into ruling verdicts in their favor as well as how manipulation can breakdown a person's psyche. Dan's need to keep the trial private was ironic considered how the media were well versed in the legal battle and even approached Betty for a quote. Even more ironic, as he and Linda were later killed by Betty, setting up an even bigger media storm. For lack of better words, we now see the storyline become crazy. 

'Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story' (USA Network)

While Betty tried to prove that Dan's current rich lifestyle was the fruits of her labor when the duo was married, the court seemed to ignore her emotional plea. Betty's earnings and savings had kept their household afloat in the early days as husband and wife in New York City. It was because of her sacrifice Dan's dreams of being both a doctor and lawyer had come to fruition.

Unfortunately, even though the judge didn't seem to show bias to any side, Dan got what he wanted which was his money and secondarily, his kids. Not to mention it seems that he may have spread the word that Betty was a "child molester" hindering her from moving forward with a job or even some dignity. Of course, he had won, with news like that around, the court could be "liable" if anything that happened to the kids under Betty's watch.

Linda as a character is now being slowly uncovered as well as we're shown the hate she has fostered for Betty. After being asked if she would extend the olive branch and give Betty her wedding China back, Linda said, "Or I could break it, maybe I will. That's what she would do." It was an interesting episode because the battle between the trio has now started to take center stage — Betty is now no longer just focused on Dan. Before, she just had bad words for Linda, but with Betty purchasing a gun at the end of the episode, we wonder if this was when she saw Linda as a target. 

Betty at her daughters graduation in 'Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story' (USA Network)


The couple's past was almost erased in that court trial as we Betty become a shell of herself every day as Dan plans his marriage and his new life. Betty had the floor to explain how she had been "purposefully manipulated with malice before the case was filed", but her voice seemed to be lulled over Dan's expensive lawyer.

It is a hard watch if you're invested in criminal and domestic injustice or how the law may favor their own over a degree-less citizen. Peets's portrayal of Betty is almost impeccable, taking us into the true crime story that took a violent turn. With an ending like this, we wonder how the last two episodes will bring? How much more of Betty will Peet unravel for us and will Slater's Dan regret his merciless actions?

'Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story' airs on Tuesdays on the USA Network at 10 pm ET.

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