Dimis Christophe: Dad slams Virginia school's pronoun rule, calls it 'garbage' ideology

Dimis Christophe said, 'so-called teachers are trying to shove their garbage ideology down our kids' throats'

                            Dimis Christophe: Dad slams Virginia school's pronoun rule, calls it 'garbage' ideology
Dimis Christophe slammed the Loudoun County Public Schools board (Twitter/@PACTstopcrt)

On Thursday, August 12, Parents Against Critical Theory, an advocacy group that is “adamantly opposed to critical race theory in all forms,” shared a video on Twitter from the Loudoun County Public Schools that took place on August 10. The tweet said, “Iranian Christian rock-star tells board in response to the stupid pronoun push to call his kids ‘King and Queen’ and address him as ‘Master’. This is classic!”

The Iranian-Christian immigrant father slammed the LCPS board for introducing ideologies to students and urged teachers to abide by the school curriculum rather than "shoving their garbage ideology down kids' throats." It was reportedly during the same meeting during which one teacher announced she was quitting over newly proposed transgender-affirming rules.


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Who is Dimis Christophe?

"Dear disgraced board members, you think you're woke, but let me wake you up a little bit more," Dimis Christophe said in the video. "We [his family] are the minority of the minorities in this country [the US]. Our ancestors and people survived massacres of the Turks and ISIS."

"I grew up in Iran as a Christian. And when we went to school, as much as the government wanted to indoctrinate us, the teachers didn't allow it," he said. "They didn't try to shove propaganda down our throats like the Ayatollahs did. Now in the 21st century, we have social justice warriors. So-called teachers are trying to shove their garbage ideology down our kids' throats.”

"These are our children, not yours," he said. "Their job is not to raise my child or my neighbor's child. Their job is to teach our kids math, science, biology, literature, and that's it. Not ideology. Now you want to push garbage crap like 'pronouns'. How the hell does that keep a kid from succeeding? How does that help them?”

"You wanna push that garbage down my kids' throats,” he said, “I will make you call my kids king and queen. That's how you will address my son and daughter. And when you look at me, you will call me master."

On Wednesday, the LCPS passed Policy 8040 by a vote of 7-2. The policy, called Rights of Transgender and Gender-Expansive Students, sparked debates and anger among parents. Policy 8040 will reportedly require teachers to use the students' preferred pronouns and allow "gender-expansive and transgender students" to take part in sports and other activities "in a manner consistent with the student's gender identity." The school board policy also states that transgender students are allowed to use school facilities that correspond to their "consistently asserted gender identity."

While Christophe and several others dismissed the policy, there were also those present who supported it. “This isn’t pseudoscience. This isn’t some sort of ideology. These are people’s lives. This is civil rights, and I encourage you all to please adopt this policy,” said LCPS alum Amber Beichler. “My son is a child from God. He is not a mistake. Please, I fully would want you to support the 8040 to protect him and every other child that’s here in Loudoun County. Thank you," said Emily Kuehl, a parent of a transgender LCPS student.