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Dillon Danis brings up Nina Agdal's dating history to troll Logan Paul during press conference

The upcoming Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis fight buzzed for Danis trolling Paul and mentioning Nina Agdal's past relationships
Dillon Danis has been continously taking a jibe at Logan Paul by trolling Nina Agdal on X (@dillondanis, @ninaagdal/Instagram, Getty Images)
Dillon Danis has been continously taking a jibe at Logan Paul by trolling Nina Agdal on X (@dillondanis, @ninaagdal/Instagram, Getty Images)

CLEVELAND, OHIO: The forthcoming boxing match between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has drawn a lot of interest. Danis has been continuously trolling Paul by sharing his fiancee Nina Agdal’s unseen pictures with her ex-partners on X.

The spectators are currently more intrigued with Dillon Danis's trolling than the actual battle. The constant name-calling has severely backfired on Paul since his opponent feels no remorse about bringing up his girlfriend and his mother.

The same thing happened in a previous press appearance, where Paul was rendered speechless when his fiancee's dating history was brought up.

Dillon Danis brutally trolls Logan Paul

The latest KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference was attended by all competitors, including Logan Paul and Dillon Danis. The presenter had to intervene to stop Danis from hurling water bottles off the platform while maintaining his combative demeanor.

The remainder of the performers soon stormed the stage, but Paul and Danis' continuous troll war was still the event's standout moment.

The back-and-forth teasing started as soon as Logan Paul entered the room. Paul demolished his prop as Danis asked if he was hiding his emotions behind his sunglasses.

The YouTuber brought up a time when Danis was accosted by a bouncer while they were both making fun of one another.


Danis responded to the embarrassing banner Paul had provided with the picture of the event and the words "Real Fighter" on it and said, “Your girl got f****d by 75 guys before you married her.”

Logan Paul cleared all the rumors about the rift between him and Nina Agdal (@loganpaul/Instagram)
Logan Paul and Nina Agdal got engaged earlier in 2023 (@loganpaul/Instagram)

The statement rendered the boxer dumbfounded, and the broadcaster expressed regret for Danis's words. But he didn't stop there; he continued to inquire about his fiance. Nina Agdal's name and her background have been brought up by Danis in his comments previously.

(Getty Images, @dillondanis/Instagram)
Logan Paul and Dillon Danis will be facing each other for a boxing match on October 14, 2023 (Getty Images, @dillondanis/Instagram)

Logan Paul warns fans

According to reports, Logan Paul's management has sent warnings to anyone who has been commenting on or finding humor in Dillon Danis' recent Twitter posts. Notably, a boxing battle between Dillon and Logan is scheduled for October.

Logan Paul and Nina Agdal got engaged (loganpaul/Instagram)
Logan Paul was rendered speechless when his fiancee Nina Agdal's dating history was brought up (loganpaul/Instagram)

However, Dillon has been publicly humiliating Logan's wife for her prior relationships by publishing sexual and suggestive information about her.

The information about Logan's team reaching out to people was brought up during the most recent podcast held by George Janko, a former member of Logan's team.

The subject came up when a listener on George's show noted that they had used laughing emojis in response to one of Dillon's postings.

Due to this, one of Logan's friends or teammates contacted the participant and asked them to remove the comments.